What is the SWTOR Fan Community?

The SWTOR Fan Community is a large group of players who are community leaders, content creators, and passionate, positive players who love Star Wars: The Old Republic. These players will be working together to bring the spirit of SWTOR’s various online communities to Star Wars Celebration, and bring the excitement of the convention to players online.

The SWTOR Fan Community was accepted as a fan-run club at Star Wars Celebration and will have an official booth at the convention. The SWTOR Fan Community is not run by or affiliated with Bioware, but instead is a partnership between many SWTOR-based online groups and creators.

Who is a part of the SWTOR Fan Community?

  • #SWTORfamily on twitter
  • The SWTOR subreddit
  • The large SWTOR Discord Chat
  • The largest SWTOR Facebook group, the SWTOR Players Club
  • #SWTOR Community on Instagram
  • Podcasters, Video makers, Streamers, Bloggers and Fan Site Owners listed here
  • Hundreds of guilds listed here

Goals of the SWTOR Fan Community

This community’s goals are short and sweet:

  • To connect players with other players
  • To promote a non-toxic, friendly online environment
  • To share knowledge and guides about the game to help other players

Star Wars Celebration

The SWTOR Fan Community also hopes to bring the fans love of Star Wars: The Old Republic to the Star Wars Celebration convention show floor.