Fibro Jedi

Content reviews, commentary on future development, Character Back Stories, and any hints, tips/gear screenies I can offer.

Galactic Antics

A fan blog with posts about various ramblings about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Going Commando

Thoughts on Star Wars: The Old Republic from a fan who mostly likes to quest and group up with friendly people, whether it’s for operations, flashpoints or warzones.

Hyperspace Beacon

Hyperspace Beacon is a Star Wars: The Old Republic column by Larry Everett. Guides, opinions, and first looks.  

MMO Bits

SWTOR news, opinions and guides.

Indepth guides about stats, gearing, and PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic

This Week in Aurebesh

The goal of This Week in Aurebesh to pause and take a second look at many of the signs, posters, monitors and inscriptions that fill the game world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I translate and recreate in English many of these graphics and explore how the use of design and alien languages contribute […]