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Raids (at master / NiM difficulties) and enthusiastic commentary This stream follows friends and me along our journey as we explore various types of games and chase the content each provides. Star Forge, Pubside Raid weekends with Hellbent’s Ready Check group weekends at 2am EST. Will tank, dps, or heal for NiM/Master or hardmare content […]

Gem (Coffee With Gem)

Gem, June, & Texas are my names. SWTOR, STO, World of Warships, & War Thunder are my games. I believe that music speaks volumes and that purple is truly the best color. šŸ™‚ Visit to view Gem’s website.


I’m a super Star Wars fangirl! Not obvious enough? šŸ˜‰ Favourite Game? Tough choice, but probably Knights of the Old Republic. Age? Older then a Youngling, but younger then Yoda. Where’s your accent from? I’m from Denmark, but I now live in UK. Pinapple on Pizza? Absolutely!! Email:


Hello, my name is Musselman and I stream Star Wars. I stream Monday night, Wednesday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday evening. Thank you for stopping by and watching me play and follow me on Twitter for updates.

Kid Lee

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) News, Gameplay, Lore & Guides


I stream PvP solo ranked and team ranked to show that no one is perfect and that it inst nothing to really fear. I would love it if people queued and enjoyed playing and dint think it was only about winning. During my stream you will see that i am doing some sort of end game content. Some sort of PvP or PvE.


This channel primarily focuses on showcasing the stories from Star Wars: The Old Republic, along with highlighting endgame content such as Hard Modes and Nightmare raiding. During story cutscenes, there is NO commentary from me and I do NOT spacebar. This way you get to hear every bit of dialogue and character choices!

Nami Gal

I believe in random acts of kindness and paying it forward. It takes every one of us to make a difference & while we all know that, action will always speak louder than words. Every minute brings a new opportunity to be a better you & impact the lives of others around you. Happy Gaming! […]

SWTOR Central

This channel is focused on SWTOR related content. The central for anything and everything SWTOR. This is also the home of the biggest and best SWTOR giveaways, inlcuding Cartel Coins and Subscription time! We have videos varying from Guides all the way to Gameplay / Events / News / Updates / Giveaways and so much more!


Hi there! I’m Taelios, a Variety Streamer at heart. With the new location, I am starting to get a little more consistent. We’re a comfy, friendly community and we’re more than happy to have you! I tend to do mostly regular warzones and heroics, with the odd solo ranked match strewn in. I’ll also run […]


Featured as spotlight creator May 2019 in the SWTOR Discord community.


Hi everyone! I love everything Star Wars! In fact, the only reason I started to play SWTOR (the only MMORPG that I’ve played) is because it is Star Wars based. I love playing this game – lots of PvP and some hm raids. Feel free to come watch and have some fun!!! FRIDAY –> Raids […]


Welcome to my channel! Iā€™m Vulkk. My content is mostly about Star Wars, SWTOR, Witcher, Gwent, Mass Effect, mixed with other games ā€“ guides, tutorials, live streams, walkthroughs, lore videos and more. I do everything with a passion as I love the games I play and show.