I’ve been playing video games ever since I can remember, starting with Duck Hunt and Bomberman on the Nintendo/Super Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Conkers Bad Fur Day on the N64, all of the original Pokémon games on Gameboy (no color back then!), Spyro and Baldurs Gate on Playstation, all of the Elder Scrolls games available on xBox, MMO’s like Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The […]


Chill from OotiniCast playing games (mostly League of Legends and Star Wars: the Old Republic). Come along for the ride! [php_everywhere]


Star Wars Fan💙 | SWTOR | Chill Variety Star Wars Streamer | ⛔️Follow For Bad Parenting Advice & Terrible Dad Jokes⛔️ | Stream every Monday/Wednesday/Saturday 9-12:30am EST [php_everywhere]


I love playing with the community so don’t be shy to ask for invites to flashpoints, ops or whatever group activites we are doing. I am not the best player and you will see me fail a lot. I aim to have fun when playing and do achievements and also completing collections as much as I […]


Hi there! I’m Eksys, lover of cosplay, Star Wars, and Zelda. My sidekick is a 7 year old ball python named Draco! Feel free to join our community on Twitch where we do PvP, Operations, and play around with silly outfits and decorations! Instagram A bonus tweet: Here it is, the worst outfit in SWTOR, […]


Hey everyone how’s it goin? I’m a small time youtuber that loves playing all different types of video games! I figured this is a popular thing to do now on twitch so I thought I’d give it a shot! The name’s FR0STBITEfr3nzy! Hope you enjoy the content I post! Thanks for all of the support […]


French streamer Star War: The Old Republic and lots of MMORPGs. Love US football and GSF (Galactic Starfighter). Streamer Star War: The Old République et plein de mmorpg. Adore le football US et le GSF.  [php_everywhere]


I’m a super Star Wars fangirl! Not obvious enough? 😉 [php_everywhere] Favourite Game? Tough choice, but probably Knights of the Old Republic. Age? Older then a Youngling, but younger then Yoda. Where’s your accent from? I’m from Denmark, but I now live in UK. Pinapple on Pizza? Absolutely!! Email:


Hello there soon-to-be-friend! My goal here is to create an interactive, viewer-focused community built around positive experiences for all of us. I hope you’ll consider becoming a part of what we’re building here! (All times EST and subject to change): Sunday: 7pm – 12am Monday: 7pm – 10pm Tuesday: 7pm – 10pm Wednesday: 7pm – […]


Somewhere between long time casual and tryhard. I love TOR lore and aim to create a welcoming environment for SWTOR players of all backgrounds. Weekly raids, Parsing, and Events to help better the game that has meant so much to me over the years.


Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to say hello, and join my Twitch community these past six months (and more!). I have appreciated each of you for choosing to spend your time with me, playing games, chit chatting, and laughing together. I’ve just updated my schedule – so check it out.


A guy and his cat hanging out playing games. You will often see Kittykissz playing the SWTOR storylines, with his cat cam Nexu in the background. [php_everywhere]


if im not working im playin SWTOR! My stream & chat we talk about weird stuff so…welcome in. I dual stream EVERY weekend (and some extras) on Kittykissz’s Channel Come hang out! ;o) [php_everywhere]


I stream PvP solo ranked and team ranked to show that no one is perfect and that it inst nothing to really fear. I would love it if people queued and enjoyed playing and dint think it was only about winning. During my stream you will see that i am doing some sort of end game content. Some sort of PvP or PvE.


Greetings Everyone! I’m a Star Wars Content Creator with a primary focus in Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO (SWTOR). Member of the SWTOR Content Creator Program! Thank you for checking out my stream. We have an amazing, hype, positive & non toxic PvP community here. Welcome to the Kymerian Family!! [php_everywhere]

Lady Brilliant

My goal is to create a safe, warm, fun and welcoming community. We all have seasons in life that take us up and down but never forget how brilliant you actually are! Star Wars is my life blood and I love sharing it with anyone and everyone! Hope you all have a brilliant time and […]


This channel primarily focuses on showcasing the stories from Star Wars: The Old Republic, along with highlighting endgame content such as Hard Modes and Nightmare raiding. During story cutscenes, there is NO commentary from me and I do NOT spacebar. This way you get to hear every bit of dialogue and character choices! [php_everywhere]


Streaming Operations every Saturday and Sunday night. [php_everywhere]


G’Day! I’m Mint! I’m 23, from Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science and working part time at a hardware store. I am a big fan of all things Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney and Marvel! If you are too, then come nerd out with me.


I’m a fun-loving 55+ Grandma with a nerve disability but bound to play & have fun! Widow of a Disabled Veteran. Huge Lindsey Stirling Fan! HugeStar Wars Fan! I play SWTOR, KOTOR I & ll, Fortnite, Control & more. Nonsense & Silliness are Encouraged Greatly!!! Stop in, & visit Nana & join my Wolfpack! First-time […]


[php_everywhere] What I stream? . Swtor (Main game PVP RAIDS) . Live cooking . Ark Evolved . Cyberpunk 2077 . World of Warships Coming SOON: . Scavengers . Galahad 3093 Currently Testing: . Scavengers . Galahad 3093


This channel is focused on SWTOR related content. The central for anything and everything SWTOR. This is also the home of the biggest and best SWTOR giveaways, inlcuding Cartel Coins and Subscription time! We have videos varying from Guides all the way to Gameplay / Events / News / Updates / Giveaways and so much more!


I’m SentSterling, and you’ve found just about the best lookin’ stream there is! Join us! [php_everywhere]

Sithlord Britt

Professional Nerd in NYC. Star Wars: TOR, Cosplay, Crafting, PokemonGO, Spyro, Minecraft. [php_everywhere]


Come hang out with me and chat or ask questions, talk about gaming whatever clever. [php_everywhere]


Gamer, Guy, Cowboy, Dad. Just your average ugly guy hanging out, gaming and cussing more than I need to. Come for the game, stay for the jokes. [php_everywhere]


 I am a lover of all games and truly love playing them. Games have always brought people together to make memories, laughs and immerse you into other worlds, I’m all about experiences so being able to share my game-play with others on this platform is kind of awesome. [php_everywhere]


Hi!! Thanks for stopping by! I’m Tabby, streaming since April 10, 2021. I play mostly SWTOR / STO, and a bit of others. I want fun and positivity. I myself am Autistic and Trans (she/her). [php_everywhere]


Hi there! I’m Taelios, a Variety Streamer at heart. With the new location, I am starting to get a little more consistent. We’re a comfy, friendly community and we’re more than happy to have you! I tend to do mostly regular warzones and heroics, with the odd solo ranked match strewn in. I’ll also run […]


Hey hey! I’m a smol Cosplayer who just started streaming! I speak German and English; streams can be in either language depending on who I play with, what I play or who I’m talking to. 🙂 Please relax, have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy yourself here! <3 I just wanna have some […]


Hi everyone! I love everything Star Wars! In fact, the only reason I started to play SWTOR (the only MMORPG that I’ve played) is because it is Star Wars based. I love playing this game – lots of PvP and some hm raids. Feel free to come watch and have some fun!!! FRIDAY –> Raids […]


I mostly stream Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m down to try new games so if you have a good one, fill me in!! If I’m not at my computer my Nintendo Switch is in my hand. I’m that girl that’s still catching Pokémon in her 20’s. I do not play games with new people […]


Welcome to my channel! I’m Vulkk. My content is mostly about Star Wars, SWTOR, Witcher, Gwent, Mass Effect, mixed with other games – guides, tutorials, live streams, walkthroughs, lore videos and more. I do everything with a passion as I love the games I play and show.


PVP | PVE | Satele Shan | New and Vet Players welcome [php_everywhere]