Just a normal guy playing video games. US Army Vet. Pro wrestling fan. I have a few games in mind that I wouldn’t mind playing on stream. AlexanderTheStandard, a streamer, is now archived, last VOD from SWTOR was 2 years ago. [php_everywhere]


Livestreams Star Wars: The Old Republic & PvP

Bad Feeling Podcast

Chuck and Brian bring you The Bad Feeling Podcast! Two guys in Austin, TX that are pretty much addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic. While far from experts, we know a little bit and have fun with the game. We hope to bring some of that joy to your ear-holes. Please enjoy!


I’m 31 years old and a career fire fighter. I served in the Army for 4 years as an Infantry officer. Video games are one of my greatest passions. Butterbargaming, a streamer, is now archived, last VOD was a year ago. [php_everywhere]


Cease is a friendly and helpful PvPer who gives tips and makes guides for people interested in PvP and streams PvP. [php_everywhere]

Discord SWTORBot

Discord chat bot that allows players to look up SWTOR information in the chat, devtracker updates, role assignment, and porgs.


DrGameology, previous Dr SWTOR, has become more of a variety and FFXIV streamer and covering mental health in gaming.


Raids (at master / NiM difficulties) and enthusiastic commentary This stream follows friends and me along our journey as we explore various types of games and chase the content each provides. [php_everywhere] Star Forge, Pubside Raid weekends with Hellbent’s Ready Check group weekends at 2am EST. Will tank, dps, or heal for NiM/Master or hardmare […]

Fibro Jedi

Content reviews, commentary on future development, Character Back Stories, and any hints, tips/gear screenies I can offer.

Galactic Antics

A fan blog with posts about various ramblings about Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gem (Coffee With Gem)

Gem, June, & Texas are my names. SWTOR, STO, World of Warships, & War Thunder are my games. I believe that music speaks volumes and that purple is truly the best color. 🙂 Visit to view Gem’s website. [php_everywhere]


Hello, my name is Musselman and I stream Star Wars. I stream Monday night, Wednesday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday evening. Thank you for stopping by and watching me play and follow me on Twitter for updates. [php_everywhere]

Kid Lee

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) News, Gameplay, Lore & Guides Youtube channel.

Kid Lee

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) News, Gameplay, Lore & Guides

Nami Gal

I believe in random acts of kindness and paying it forward. It takes every one of us to make a difference & while we all know that, action will always speak louder than words. Every minute brings a new opportunity to be a better you & impact the lives of others around you. Happy Gaming! […]

Passionately Casual (Retired)

Passionately Casual Podcast is more than just a pretty face. It’s seven pretty faces! We focus on SWTOR, Star Wars, healthy gaming, and community.


(Soxx has moved on to variety streaming and miniature painting!) Hi all I Am Soxx. I am a disabled father of 2 beautiful daughters and husband to an amazing wife. I love all things Star Wars! I am the guild lead for the Mismatched Socks on SWTOR and mainly play SWTOR, but I do have […]


Database, Collections, Tracks Cartel Market prices and GTN prices


Videos about economy, rare items, the Cartel Market and Cartel Packs in Star Wars: The Old Republic


[php_everywhere] Featured as spotlight creator May 2019 in the SWTOR Discord community. thatducksauce, seems to have moved on to streaming other games.

The Council

The Council is a weekly livestreamed talk show and podcast, discussing Star Wars: The Old Republic. All of us are Star Wars enthusiasts and proud to be members of the SWTOR gaming community.

The Usual Podcast

Welcome to The Usual! We are a group of guys looking for an outlet to talk about the things we love. We talk SWTOR, geek and pop culture, Star Wars, and just about whatever the hell else we feel like.