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Star Wars: The Old Republic videos and other random things that my glorious beard comes with! If you want passion with a healthy dash of weird, then you have come to the right place! Welcome home!


Cease is a friendly and helpful PvPer who gives tips and makes guides for people interested in PvP.

Kid Lee

Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) News, Gameplay, Lore & Guides Youtube channel.

SWTOR Central

This channel is focused on SWTOR related content. The central for anything and everything SWTOR. This is also the home of the biggest and best SWTOR giveaways, inlcuding Cartel Coins and Subscription time! We have videos varying from Guides all the way to Gameplay / Events / News / Updates / Giveaways and so much more!

SWTOR Snoopy

Hello everyone, this is Snoopy here with my SWTOR channel! Here I will be posting videos related to the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. My Current Series: SWTOR Highlights (Soloing World Bosses, Challenges, and fun things achievable in the game) SWTOR Guides (Obtaining Credits and Gearing) SWTOR PvP (Gunnery Commando and Sharpshooter Gunslinger) SWTOR […]


Videos about economy, rare items, the Cartel Market and Cartel Packs in Star Wars: The Old Republic


A video series focused on the basics of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Theodolor (German)

Hello! You seem to have found my channel Then welcome! Here you will find various videos about the MassiveMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame (short: MMORPG) “Star Wars The Old Republic” (hereinafter referred to as SWTOR). Above all, there are guides to classes and operations as well as information videos on new updates and the like. Sometimes alone, sometimes with […]


News, guide and opinion videos about Star Wars: The Old Republic


New Gaming Videos Daily – The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed, SWTOR, World of Warcraft & More. Story-driven walkthroughs, gameplay, cutscenes, cinematics, choices and consequences. Make sure to check out my playlists if you don’t want to miss anything.