Star Wars Celebration 2019 Fan Panel Application

UPDATE: We were not accepted for a SWTOR fan panel, so we will be focusing on our fan booth! ~ Swtorista

Title of your proposed program/panel/exhibit:

Star Wars: The Old Republic – 3,000 Years in the Past

Program Description (500-word maximum):

Have you ever wondered what the Republic and the Empire were like long before Luke, Leia and Vader ever made their way in to the galaxy? This panel will explain the history and lore of the Old Republic, and show off just why players love the massive multiplayer online role playing game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, hosted by one of the leading SWTOR fan experts in the galaxy!

Additional Information – if there is more information about your Panel that you would like to share with the Celebration Chicago Team (500-1000 words):

Hello! My name is Swtorista and I create videos focused on Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massive multiplayer online role playing game set 3,000 years before the movies. I would like to host a panel focused around the lore of the game and the Old Republic era of Star Wars, and talk about why players really enjoy this online game and the different types of activities you can participate in in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I really enjoy sharing my love of the game and all its different facets online, and I would like to bring that passion to Star Wars Celebration 2019.

  •  For Star Wars Celebration 2019, I will be working together with many of the game’s community leaders and content creators to apply for a fan table for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Community in addition to this panel application. Many of them will likely also be contributing to this panel in the form of suggestions, proofreading and video work.
  •  To listen to me speaking about the game, I would invite you to listen to this video, which explains the various types of activities you can participate in the game.
  •  The lore of the Old Republic is incredibly fascinating compared to the state of the galaxy seen in the Star Wars movies. You can listen to me speaking about some of the ancient lore by visiting this video
  •  While no player can claim they know every facet of the game perfectly, I’ve covered so many topics about Star Wars: The Old Republic that I am likely one of the most knowledgeable players about the game overall. You can view a sample of the topics I have covered to help teach other players here:

Here is a breakdown of the topics I would like to cover in this panel:


  • Lore created in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic focused on Revan
  • The state of the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic when you start the game including the state of the Empire/Sith and the Republic/Jedi
  •  Key figures from the game including Satele Shan and Darth Malgus
  • Touch on the newer lore created by the game’s latest expansions, Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne, focused on Emperor Valkorion/Vitiate


  • The basics of what an MMORPG is
  • The types of classes you can play in the game (Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent and Smuggler and their Star Wars archetypes from the movies)
  • The different types of activities you can participate in in the game solo and with a group: Story, Flashpoints, Operations, PvP, Galactic Starfighter, Roleplay, Exploration and Collecting
  • The basics of how to get started in the game

Credentials as a speaker:

  • Owner of the largest SWTOR-focused YouTube channel, at over 40,000 subscribers and counting
  • Member of the official invitation-only Influencer Program hosted by Bioware for content creators