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Alliance of Dragons / Order of Dragons
Every legend has to start somewhere


Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

February 20, 2024


GMT,CET / Most active time 6pm-8am CEST


  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Leveling

Active Members

~50+, ~6 during prime time

Guild Level

29 Republic / 49 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild Description

Everyone has to start somewhere.
This is a new guild created with the aim of helping new and returning players through SWTOR, without judgement.

If you have questions, this guild is a safe space to ask and learn the game, with XP boosts, repair funds and more to help you get started. We also welcome more experienced players looking for a leveling guild or to join in.
As soon as we get enough intrested people, we will do flashpoints, datacrons hunts, conquest rampages and more.

And best of all: no guild mail spam. They'll only be sent occasionally if there's a *really* important announcement.

Here are the simple rules:
-3 strikes system: You get 3 warnings, then a ban. Please report troublemakers directly to me. Major infractions can lead instant ban.
-Be civil: If someone is being a jerk, don't be a jerk back. In general, don't be the first jerk.
-No politics: This is a Star Wars game, not a courthouse. The world sucks, I get it. Let's forget about it for a while and have fun.
-MOST IMPORTANT -> Be kind and helpful: // You + Guild = Good Team + Save Galaxy?

Guild Requirements

None, open door policy.

How to Join

Just send me a discord message or a twitter dm with your in game name and a time between 2PM and 8PM CEST (Monday - Thursday) or 9AM - 8PM (Friday - Sunday) when you'll be online.


Doing weekly conquests on medium to large yield planets - sometimes top 10!

Flagship: The Light Dragon

Flagship: The Eternal Dragon

4/15 Rooms unlocked
Flagship interior is thoughtfully furnished to match a dragon theme (but also a chill vibe.) Full amenities available, and always has XP boosts. There's even a garden and a very fun cantina!