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Last Updated

April 26, 2021


EST / /Most active time 5pm to 11pm EST


Flashpoints Social/hanging out Leveling Dailies Heroics

Active Members

12+, 6 during prime time

Guild level


Guild description

We are a large community that span several games. We are starting to include SWTOR as one of them. We are chilled and laid back. We focus on helping one another and enjoying the games we play. We have a discord that we use as our base of all communications. As we grow, we will begin to add activities and events.
We are a fresh guild and still in our upstart phase, but we do offer a guild bank, bank repair allowance, flagship, and a weekly conquest give away. We are very casual atm, doing flashpoints and heroics. Some of our higher level players to assist with the lower level content or class missions and we enjoy having new players to the team.

Guild requirements

New members not already part of the Ambivalent Gaming Community will have a short, but mandatory recruit ranked waiting period. After a week, you will be bumped up to membership status. We also ask you be active on a regular basis, not just in game, but in discord and any of the other multiple games we span across.

How to join

Just use the methods provided to contact guild leader. Discord will be best. Guild leader will set up a time in game to get you invited or set up a meeting between you and the officers to get you in.


LUDICROUS SPEED!!!! GOOOOOO! We invade at the lower tiers. As we boost our memebership, we will begin to invade into the higher missions to get that better loot! Our goal is to become competitive with the top ten guilds on server. Our conquest objective is to do what you do best to gain and retrieve conquest to maximize effort.
Flagship: Ambivalnaught
Its there. In space. some where. Has all three cargos, trade network, vendors, item mod station, and mailbox. Looking to expand into crew quarters first to set up crafting stations and lootable decor.