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Eazy Company / Band Of BrothersComing together is the BEGINING. Staying together is PROGRESS. Working together is SUCCESS


Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

July 24, 2021


CET / /Most active time Its various


Operations PvP Flashpoints Social/hanging out Levelling World Bosses Open World PvP Dailies Heroics

Active Members

10+, 15 during prime time

Guild level

91 Republic / 173 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran

Guild description

We are a HIGHLY social gaming team with no particular direction besides login in and having fun with players (who soon became friends) from all around the globe. We have players/friends form Russia, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, South Africa, Norway...just to name a few.
We have both Gents and ladies in the guild.

We do everything that game have to offer. PVE and PVP.
Guild ranks are thoughtfully organized by Band Of Brothers team.

We don't mind if u just started to play SWTOR or if u are a veteran of the game.
If u are friendly and responsive and a relaxed gamer such as ourselves then u are more then welcome to join us.

All Flashpoints and Uprisings are finished on Master Mode by majority of our friends in the guild.

U never done Master mode? Afraid to let down a team members? Afraid that u might be the cause of the wipe?
If u are with us , u don't need to worry about such things. We take it eazy.We will explain what u need to do.
We wipe a few times? Who cares. We Don't.

We are very active on guild discord.
We use Voice Chat when ever possible. We chat not just about the game but about anything and everything.
(Hopefully u have a sense of humor)

Guild perks are changed by necessity so they vary.
We use Tatooine as our team SH.

Band Of Brothers Team

Check us out right here ----->

Guild requirements

Its quite simple. Be friendly and social human being and u will fit right in.

We use Discord ALL THE TIME. If u don't have discord u can't progress much via ranks and or join us to do OPS and or MM Flashpoints. Being on Voice Chat is very important to us.

How to join

U can (If i am online) wisper me or send me in game mail to my main toon UNDERRTAKERR.
U can search the guild name BAND OF BROTHERS in the WHO list. And contact anyone from the guild.
U can contact me directly on discord Slaven#5626
U can send email to our official guild email bandofbrothers101eazycompany@gmail.com.

If u got any questions pls do txt me and i will answer.


Large Yield
Flagship: Currahee4/15 Rooms unlocked
Flagship: Currahee15/15 Rooms unlocked