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Black Talon CorporationReturning players from original release seeking new and veteran players for revival.


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Last Updated

July 6, 2019


CST / /Most active time 4-10 CST


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Active Members

3+, 3 during prime time

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Story Veteran

Guild description

We're an older guild that started back in launch and reached peak activity back in 2013, but due to life most of us ended up leaving for other pursuits. We have returned, and are putting out a call for all those, new and veteran, to come join us in our revival and reclaim the former glory of the Black Talon Corporation. Black Talon Corporation is not responsible for any violent in-game acts carried out by our members in order to increase our notoriety in the gaming sphere, but will not disavow either.

Guild requirements

Semi-Active members willing to help new members get acquainted and provide groups for flashpoints, bosses, etc. Crafting contributions are a must if we're to do conquest level missions with our Guild Ship and reap the rewards. Military Veterans are more than welcome to join.

How to join

Contact me through my discord I provided or through the email if im not currently online in game. For my characters name, Särn, the alt code is 0228 so Alt+0228 will make the a with an umlaut.


We will participate in conquest activities of our own as soon as we have enough members. We currently join joint ops with other guilds.
Flagship: Black Talon Corporation1/15 Rooms unlocked
Our bridge is the most decorated section of our guildship (aside from the upper deck) and we need more members to help us expand the rest of the ship. We have the credits for expansion, but not the parts.