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Chaos LustYou do you we don't care how you play just be nice !!!


Satele Shan





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May 6, 2022


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120+, 12 to 15 during prime time

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Guild description

Chaos Lust is a casual guild first and foremost. We focus on having fun and being friendly as possible with each other, we strive to make a fun casual stress free home for our members where they can relax and not worry about meeting goals to stay in the guild. We don't care how you play our motto is " you do you" ur playing ur in the guild and having fun that's what matters to us. We do participate in all types of content from conquest to operations and everything in between. We do random giveaways and contest so always keep a eye on this page and guild and discord chat for any that may pop up. That all being said welcome to Chaos Lust we hope you find a home here that you enjoy for years to come.

Guild requirements

We have no requirements we just want people to have a safe home in the game where they can play and have no worries and have help a message away if they need it and to have fun above all else.

How to join

Send me a message I am active daily either send me a in game mail at Ragnath and we will work out a time to meet up for the invite or shoot me a message on discord.


We do conquest every week and are about to start doing large yield planets currently doing medium yield but with more members large yield is easly possible.
Flagship: Chaos Lust Flagship
Full of all necessary things from fleet we have a gtn,banks,mailbox,and deco vendors right as you spawn in.