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Children of the VoidWe build up our story around KOTOR 2's expanded idea of the Void aka Wounds in the Force.


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October 22, 2019


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Guild description

We are Voidwalkers(Lots of text down)

Story Call:
"Hearken unto me, you who would hear...you who lay trapped in this doomed existence, ensnared by the machinations of the Force and it's servitors. Each of us is born a slave to a destiny we did not choose! Our lives are appointed and ordered by the ghosts and echos of the past, consumed and consuming us in an interminable, world-devouring war not of our own making!

But there is a freedom from this. In the Void, the shackles of your soul may be broken.

What is the void? All that which the Force does not encompass. It can be found in hidden places among the stars, where the illusions of the Force have been drawn back and seared away, leaving only the dull purity of the world itself. In it you will find an untainted potential that awaits in all things, including yourselves.

Those who have shed their chains, those who have embraced this freedom, and who have embraced this power no longer serve the whims of the Force. The Children of the Void are Harbingers of a new order, Heralds and Avatars of the Void. Wounds in the Force that will fester and spread, until none heed that unwanted and uncaring god. Unblinded by the masks of Light and Dark, they are free to comprehend and realize their own desires, bending themselves, fate and the world to their will.

The path is arduous. It will strip you bare of all pretention, and if you are weak it will reduce you to the nothing we secretly fear ourselves to be. And even if you should succeed, you shall be beset on all sides by those who will seek to destroy you for your blasphemy against their sacred slave-masters. They will seek to chain or slay you, as they did the likes of Darth Nihilus.

Either way, succeed or perish, there will be no limit to you but yourself. If you survive, even the Force may be bent utterly to your will. And so share this truth to the people both favored and not, by the Force. Share with them your understanding, your conviction... share with them the Serenity of the Void."

Here some answers to possible questions :

Who are the Voidwalkers? - Voidwalkers or Voidwoken, are beings that exposed themselves to the twisted nature of the Void.

What is it the Void? - It's a term we use to describe Wounds in the Force, a state of being where the Force's Will is denied and ignored. It's a virus, that feeds off the Force and allows Us to act on our own Will, rather then following Destiny forced upon us by Higher Order.

How that works? - As a Voidwalkers, we keep our connection to the Force's source of power, but we do not answer or depend on it's divine Will. It allows us to leech the power of the Force and utilize it in a way, that may be highly unorthodox or unnatural. As an example - Light Side Voidwalker can use the light as a means of murder and destruction, without fear to be tainted by the Dark Side. Through the Void we can corrupt other life forms or change their nature entirely. Black core crystals are the result of the Void's influence(in our book).

I can't find that information in the Lore? - Because the lore of the Wounds in the Force is poorly written and leaves a lot of space for creativity. We use the lore, that was created for Knights of the Old Republic 2, where main Hero and main Antagonist of the game are both our Royal Models for the Voidwalkers. We use it and expand it beyond established canon to fit in with our own Guild's Story.

How do i become a Voidwalker? - You need to spend a long time with us, be active on role-play, at least weekly. Your character will be trained in the ways of Balance, that would allow you to earn an Initiation quest. Initiation quest is your personal story, that you have to write on your own. It's your journey to the Void, how your character change, what is he going to feel and witness - will be his personal experience. We'll only give you information what to expect and train to be prepared. But the path will be yours alone.

Guild requirements

We accept players of all lvls, alignments and Role Play experience(if it's low, we can help you grow). We also welcome players, that are okay to be a part of a rather small guild, and limited time of in-game RolePlay. Or players that are ok to have discord text rp as an alternative, if in-game rp not possible for various reasons. If you are okay with a little lore-bending, you are very much welcome.

How to join

Contact Elphir in-game or anyone online really. Also use Discord Guild Finder server to poke Elphir, if you are interested.