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Chiss Diplomatic Expansion Corps
Ascendancy Political/Diplomatic/Espionage centered guild.


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August 30, 2022


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10+, 5 during prime time

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Guild Description

<Chiss Diplomatic Expansion Corps>
Heavy RP - Chiss Ascendancy - Social

Seeking to strengthen diplomatic bonds amidst the chaos of galaxy wide events, the Chiss Family Irizi has established a consul in Imperial space. As an established Chiss consulate on diplomatic ground, the Ascendancy Outreach Consulate sits on Serreno, and holds a contingent of Ascendancy diplomats, their staff, and a CEDF guard set on deepening relations between the Empire, and our trusted allies.

The establishment of this consulate exemplifies the growing relationship between two galactic powers, and representatives from both sides promise that sharing of technology, forces, and military might can only be beneficial to both.

Glory to the Empire, and to our loyal allies, the Chiss Ascendancy.

[End of INN Transmission.]

[OOC Information:] The CDEC represents a cadre of Chiss diplomats, military, spies, and other Ascendancy assets that have established a consulate on the Imperial world of Serenno, the site of which has been declared neutral, diplomatic ground. While representatives of an Imperial vassal state, the diplomats of the consulate seek to politely keep Imperials out of the Unknown Regions, both by assisting Imperial forces in their affairs, and keeping good relations with the Empire.

Less publicly, the consulate engages in the long cold war between the Empire and the Ascendancy, being the home station of a number of spies, intelligence operatives, and even worse: politicians.


Guild Requirements

Decent knowledge of Chiss/Ascendancy lore (This is teachable; potential members that express a desire to learn are very welcome)
At least some experience roleplaying. This is a heavy roleplay, lore adherent guild.
A character that fits in the paradigm (Chiss politician, diplomat, or intelligence operative/Imperial liaison/Consulate staff)

How to Join

Join our discord and follow the application steps!