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Clan Eisova
A story-driven guild for Mandalorian role-play.


Star Forge





Last Updated

October 14, 2023


EST / Most active time 5PM-11PM (although we have members from all over the globe.)



Active Members

10+, 5-8 during prime time

Guild Description

About Clan Eisova:

Born from the ashes of a long-gone clan, Clan Eisova was founded by Aliit’alor, Talim Eisova. A clan that prides itself for its progressiveness by allowing beings from all walks of life and professions into their ranks. We welcome the most starkly traditional to the most modern Mandalorian. There is strength in diversity, and so long as the tenets of the Resol’nare are respected, you too can be a part of Clan Eisova.

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Little is known about Clan Eisova's history amongst the Mandalorian clans. Seemingly coming from nowhere and claiming to have formed themselves in the Unknown Regions, only its members truly know its origins…

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What we offer:

• Is your character a novice or experienced?

No problem! We understand that beginning again with a character you've already built and have been playing for years can be a pain. No experienced character will be forced to start from square one.

• Want to immerse yourself in Mandalorian culture?

That’s what our Mandalorian trials tailored specifically for the clan is about! Two of which are DM’ed by a member of the clan who will make the roleplay catered and personal to you. In these trials, you will learn a great deal of information on Mandalorian culture, the origins of Clan Eisova, and what it takes to join the creed.

• Craving fun events and storylines?

Eisova has no shortage of experienced DMs! You will get quality story-driven event series/socials/bounties, and much more with us!

Guild Requirements

You must agree to following guild rules.

1) Respect each other. This includes no harassment, discrimination, or hate speech.

2) This is an 18+ RP group. Therefore, there may be mature themes and violence depicted in events.

3) Anything related to erotic roleplay is to be kept off the server and out of both guild and public spaces in-game. Inappropriate behavior towards minors IC and OOC is a strict no-go.

4) Respect the fiction. This includes no godmodding, disrupting others' RP, bleeding IC/OOC events, or forcing results of action on another player.

5) Never feel obligated to participate in RP that makes you uncomfortable. We're all human, and some of us may have subjects that touch a little close to home. If you feel yourself in such a situation, feel free to excuse yourself.

6) Avoid discussing heavy/controversial topics such as politics, religion, mental health, etc. While important, these are best kept to private messages.

How to Join

Simply DM one of the following on discord,

... and express your interest!