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Clan of Cathar / Dark Clan of CatharNewly formed RP/PvE guild looking for more!


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

July 30, 2021


EST / /Most active time Evenings and nights EST


Flashpoints Roleplay Social/hanging out Levelling

Active Members

5-7+, 1-4 during prime time

Guild level

31 Republic / 6 Imperial

Guild description

<Clan of Cathar> Is a small, new RP/ PvE/ Social guild! We have a guild ship and small conquest, we are looking for more like minded players as we start doing RP events and playing through PvE content! We raid in other mmos as well! Join us as we build this new community!

Guild requirements

Anyone who wants to have some fun in RP or PvE (or even better, both!) is welcome here!

How to join

Send me a message on Discord or in-game.


We participate in the small yield Conquest. Not leaderboard material yet, but we consistently get the guild conquest complete on Republic side.
Flagship: Cathar's Pride0/15 Rooms unlocked
As the Clan searches for a new home, they use the cruiser Cathar's Pride as their flagship. We have GTN terminals, vendors, a mailbox, and personal, legacy, and guild banks in the south room of the Officer Deck.
Flagship: Cathar's Wrath0/15 Rooms unlocked
Commanded by the Sith Lord Rhemnna, the dreadnought Cathar's Wrath serves as a base for her and her associates.