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CLAXON / SIRENA Guild made up of returning PVP veterans giving 6.0 a chance.


Darth Malgus




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

October 28, 2019


GMT,CET / /Most active time 7pm - 2am BST


PvP Ranked PvP Social/hanging out Open World PvP

Active Members

12+, 4-8 during prime time

Guild description

We have guilds on both Republic and Imperial side, both with Guild Ships and large Guild Banks. There is always plenty of money in the guild banks to summon teammates and repair your gear. We have a lot of Warzone Medpacs, Warzone Adrenals, Grenades, Stims and other miscellaneous items you can help yourself to. On Imperial side we have a Rishi Stronghold we often fight one another in between PVP ques. I won't post a picture of either Flagship you'll have to see them for yourself!
We all recently returned to the game and are very experienced PVP players so we can help you improve, let you know what tactical are best and what set bonuses to chase (if you need help).
We are all excited to expand the guild as it's been really enjoyable for us setting it up, let us know if you'd like to be a part of it!

Guild requirements

We would like our members to be lv75, if you aren't lv75 yet and want to join for our experience boost that's no problem, as long as you want to participate in content at endgame (even if it's just chilling on discord and playing regs etc). And with the amount of Alts we all have you would probably have some company to level with.

We would like our members to have fully geared 306 characters but that's not a requirement to join, we have been doing countless runs of Veteran Flashpoints in order to gear as fast as possible and with as many alts as we have you can group with us for those.

We would ideally like people interested in participating in Group Ranked PVP. Again this is not a requirement because if you are someone who just enjoys playing regs and chilling we'd be more than happy to have you, but we would like Group Ranked PVP members. Our main reason for wanting Ranked PVPers is because we have a goal of regularly having in-house arenas; where we get 2 teams of 4 and can practice vs each other, testing different comps etc. We have done this before and it's very fun, we'd like to do it more often!

Last thing is, don't bring toxicity into the guild. We have a great group of people who are very accommodating and we would like to expand upon that, so flaming your guild-mates or generally being rude isn't tolerated. That said we are very chill and are regularly on discord so we would like to chat there with you.

If you are wanting to do Group Ranked PVP with us you must use discord. When we add you to guild the link is in the MOTD and guild description.

How to join

Contact Morizo#5817 on discord and/or message me ingame on any of my characters. Just /who SIREN (for Imperial) or CLAXON (for Republic) and let whomever is online know you'd like to join the guild and either me or one of my officers will add you!