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Czerka Cørp
Anytime... Anywhere, we're there!


Darth Malgus





Last Updated

January 15, 2020


GMT,CET / Most active time 3PM - 12:00AM CEST


  • Operations
  • PvP
  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling

Active Members

980+, 60-100 during prime time

Guild Level


Operations Groups

  • Story
  • Veteran

Guild Rules

Guild Rules

Guild Description

Do you want to join a guild where you can make a difference? Do you want to join a guild that rewards you in millions of credits for your loyalty and servitude? This is no joke, we pay members a salary for completing ''Guild Contract's'' this is like our own RP system we have invented and have implemented in our guild discord server. If this interests you, then come and join Czerka Corp the galaxies' most profitable organization!

We also offer an active guild atmosphere, with 990+ members and 60+ active on at Prime Time! We also make sure that every member has a sense of belonging and worth you aren't just considered as another ''player'' as soon as you join Czerka you are one of us and part of something much bigger. Our current focus is being a Social PvE/PvP/Conquest Guild with a chilled atmosphere with a guild discord, Flagship/Rishi SH, 15%XP/REP Boost, and remember, Anytime.. Anywhere.. we're there!

Guild Requirements

Activity is our only Requirement, we accept all players of all skill levels!

How to Join

Join the Guild Discord or Apply on our Website!


Maintaining Top 5 in Small Yield every week - then we will move onto Large yield once we've got everyone to end-game.

Flagship: Czerka Cørp

15/15 Rooms unlocked
Nightclub Vibes, War Training room,