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October 5, 2021


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Guild description

After years away from the game for the great content dearth, <Death and Taxes> is back on the scene in SWTOR. Prior to our break from the game, we fully cleared all content available, including Nightmare Power Timed Runs, multi-class and multi-role Deposer and Conqueror for most of our raiders, and we took multiple top finishes in the world progression races. Our current goal is to catch up on and clear all current Master Mode (and Veteran Mode) content released since our raiders took a break after the release of Colossal Monolith. We are currently actively recruiting players to fill out our raid team(s).

Our current raid schedule offers some flexibility, and have not yet committed to a full schedule pending availability of our completed team. While we do not currently intend to devote as many hours to raiding as was necessary in the 3.0/Pre-3.0 era, we do intend to run a few nights a week until we have fully cleared the current content.

We raid with two goals in mind, clear the content, and have fun. The general attitude of our raids is semi-competitive, and we try our best to save our "goofing off" for after the content is cleared. We should note that we expect adult (not crude/explicit) attitudes during raid, and raid team "fit" is an important factor to us.
With our track record of being competitive in every progression tier from Launch until 4.0, we believe that once DNT is back up and running we will be fully capable of clearing the most recent operations at the highest level very quickly.

Guild requirements

Our group is in need of two strong DPS to re-fill our team after life happened. We would prefer candidates be flexible in their roles, able to switch classes as needed. Barring that we'd prefer ranged DPS.

If you are on a <Death and Taxes> main raid team, we do expect for that team to be your main in-game raid priority, and for any characters running on a main team to be in the guild. We understand that many players have scheduled raids with other groups, and are in guilds with friends/family/etc. and will do our best to accommodate such situations on a case by case basis.

We will be conducting trial runs, on a schedule to be determined, of any player that we feel may fit well with our group. Which operation will be run will be determined based on the role applied for. You do not necessarily have to have full clears of all content to be taken seriously, but an aptitude for learning a fight quickly is an important factor to us.

How to join

If you are interested, please contact any of the following players in <Death and Taxes> via whisper or ingame mail: Rhomea or Ninebras, or ask any player online in <Death and Taxes> to be connected to one of those players on the Imperial side of Star Forge.

You may also submit an application to our guild via google form here: https://forms.gle/dgQkui26baBsKtDT6 and one of us will reach out to you.