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April 30, 2021




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4+, 4 during prime time

Guild description

We are a Bounty Hunter Guild who is serious about its code, which is never to show Anyone your Face.

Having this kind of anonymocity gives you a level of mystery that is fun to play at.
(This is the Roleplay Aspect of it)

Further on we like to participate in guild activities as a group with a certain type of uniformity.
For example:
Higher ranking members embark on missions with a jetpack and a Mandalorian helmet (or full Mando Armor) of their choice.

This is the Way...

Guild requirements

To join the Watch you need a Bounty Hunter (other chars can be added afterwards) and always wear a helmet!

To step up from "Recruit" and become a "Hunter", your char needs to be lvl30 and wear a Mandalorian helmet from now on.

This is the Way...

How to join

Playing on the Darth Malgus Server and hanging out on Hutta with you BH, you can try to contact Chrysalith or Silenth via whisper.