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Deep Stellar Coalition
A decade of rich, diverse roleplay beyond Sith and Imperial bounds.


Satele Shan





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July 18, 2024


PST / Most active time 8 p.m. - 12 p.m. PST



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15+, 4 during prime time

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Guild Calendar

Guild Calendar

Guild Rules

Guild Rules

Guild Description

"Are you tired of serving faceless empires and insatiable warlords? Seeking purpose beyond the mundane? Look no further—the Deep Stellar Coalition beckons—a clandestine force transcending the ordinary.

Fear not, intrepid soul. Our "Deep" isn't a euphemism; it's our cosmic compass. We plunge into uncharted realms, where stars whisper secrets and voids harbor forgotten gods. Aspirations or nightmares—choose your path. We thrive on both.

Your heart? Cherished. Your brain? Coveted. We hunger for intellect, curiosity, and neural fireworks. Bring your gray matter; we'll ignite it.

Seek purpose among the stars. Commanders, scouts, slicers, medics—the celestial buffet awaits. Don't see your niche? We'll invent it. Family, loner, or enigma—the galaxy embraces all.

Fortune Awaits? Luck? Bah! Forge your destiny. Our skilled cook (yes, really) bakes fortune cookies. Curious? Crack one open. Revelations or riddles? Only the galaxy knows.

Join Now: The Deep Stellar Coalition—where ships collide, dreams ignite, and mysteries unravel. Bring friends; they'll thank you!"

*The DSC disclaims any responsibility for cosmic revelations, interdimensional mishaps, or unexpected enlightenment. But seriously, join the DSC. We're awesome. Apply Today!


The Deep Stellar Coalition is a beacon of unity and progress in a galaxy brimming with wonders and perils. Our operations span diverse worlds, engaging in diplomacy, exploration, and scientific advancement. Whether negotiating interstellar treaties, charting unexplored sectors, or developing cutting-edge technology, the DSC is at the forefront of galactic civilization.

Our Concept: Beyond the facade of our spacefaring endeavors lies a group dedicated to fostering a supportive and engaging roleplay experience. As a part of the DSC, you'll find yourself amidst plots that challenge the mind and stir the heart. We value external narratives that unite us, fostering a community where growth is nurtured through collaboration, not conflict.

What You Will Find: The DSC offers a refreshing take on roleplay, emphasizing a positive environment where storytelling reigns supreme. Our lore is a tapestry of canon and player-driven stories, ever-evolving to reflect our collective creativity. Here, you'll find a group that values laughter and shared experiences, where every plot is an opportunity for character development, and every session is a chance to create lasting memories.

Our Players: We are a tight-knit group that values quality over quantity. Our members range from highly dedicated people to those who enjoy a casual pace. We stand against exclusivity and hierarchy, promoting an egalitarian approach to in- and out-of-character interactions. We focus on weaving great stories together, where the journey is just as important as the destination.

What You Won't Encounter in the DSC: Our coalition does not have thrones to vie for. We avoid plots that force members into opposition or weave conspiracies that divide us. Your character will be a protagonist in our shared narrative, not a bystander in someone else's story. Interactions within the DSC focus on collaboration and unity, reflecting our diverse and inclusive ethos. We are not for lore purists or you seek a guild mired in romance or ERP.

Our community is built on long-standing bonds and a shared passion for roleplay. We are excited to embrace newcomers and those just beginning their RP journey.

Guild Requirements

The DSC is a group of people aged 21+, medium to heavy RP, that thrives on the creativity and camaraderie of its members. We are actively seeking individuals who are passionate about roleplaying and crafting intricate narratives within our unique universe. Prospective members could be valiant spacefarers, ingenious engineers, or shrewd diplomats aligned with the Coalition's interests.

To join the ranks of the DSC, your character should seamlessly integrate with our group's current dynamics and vision. We are opening our doors to members of all kinds of characters who share our values. Characters should ideally hold positions that align with the collaborative spirit of the DSC.

How to Join

We welcome existing characters who resonate with our philosophy and meet the outlined criteria. While we cherish our universe's rich tapestry, we are not currently seeking players with a main-character syndrome.

You can connect with us through:
○ On our website, contact us directly, use our email address, contact@deepstellarcoalition, or fill out this for: https://forms.gle/845r3fL45wxUE9ph9.
○ Discord: send a request to #galenmars or #.exegesis

Alternatively, you can contact us in-game if you see us online:
○ Parisa Valen / Lyradne / Cehrena
○ Redford Devega / Ixanissa / Ikonic
However, please remember that there might be a delay, or we might be on a different server.

Once we connect, we value the immersive experience of our community, so each new joiner must fill out a form followed by an in-character interview with one of our recruiters through either the game or Discord.


Our guild participates in weekly conquests on small/medium planets.

Flagship: The Asipra

15/15 Rooms unlocked
ICly: Our Flagship stands tall as the heart of our operations, serving as the central hub for logistics and missions. It not only safeguards our sacred Yavin temple but also coordinates the fleet to ensure the protection of the Coalition's colonies. OOCly: In addition to our impressive Flagship, we offer a wide range of guild amenities to enhance your experience. Enjoy the convenience of a stronghold, access to a guild bank, and much more.