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Empire of EsstranHeavy RP/PVE


Star Forge



Last Updated

August 5, 2019


CST, EST, PST / /Most active time 5-9 PST


Conquest Roleplay Datacron Hunting Dailies Heroics

Active Members

10+, 5-6 during prime time

Guild description

Wage war across the galaxy as your actions in our military events shift the tide of battles waged on planets and amongst the stars. Join the shadowy ranks of Imperial Intelligence and subvert and sabotage the enemy. Dare to become one of the Sith and claw your way towards the top. Extort, kidnap, enslave, and pirate your way to opulence to control the galactic underworld.

Multiple strongholds and flagship. Discord and Wikia. Conquest groups. Weekly guild events and daily RPs.

Guild requirements

Roleplayable name for your character(s). Respect your fellow guild members.

How to join

No applications or registration required. Contact myself or any guild member in-game or via Discord.


Weekly conquest on small yield planets typically.
Flagship: Fate's Hand