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Empire RestoredPASSION ¤ STRENGTH ¤ POWER ¤ VICTORY...The Force Shall Free Me.


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Last Updated

September 12, 2019


EST / /Most active time 5PM - 2AM EST


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Levelling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

50+, 30+ during prime time

Guild level


Operations Groups

Story Veteran

Guild description

Greetings Imperials...
Empire Restored is looking for active players (sub, pref, or f2p) to join our guild. We are a very active guild and have players from all over the globe. We are a Guild that focuses around Guild Events and Role Play. Our Guild Events consist of Guild PvP Tournaments, Global Datacron Hunts, Galaxy Wide Scavenger Hunts, Flash Points, Ops and Strong Hold Tours and Role Play. We have Guild Events going on throughout the week, which include prizes from Cartel Items, Credits... and even CARTEL COIN REDEMPTION CODES! We also do Ops, PvP, FP's and have random fun whenever we can. There are always random giveaways and incentives for being an active member.

SWTOR- (contact the following via ingame): Emperør Srednaz, Celes, Aiyst, Noxchaos, Tohrentt, Cholgatto, Money, Opa'lee or Era Gosh Ti for an invite.

Guild requirements

Discord is required for our guild, as it serves as a means of communication and information out-of-game. For some Guild Events, we require Discord Voice Chat - no mic required, just want you to listen in (except during Role Play which is Text based).

How to join

The easiest way to join Empire Restored is by joining our Discord. You will be greeted with a pre-written message. All you got to do then is follow the quick and easy steps. We'd love to have you!


We hit up medium yield planets and are growing!
Flagship: The Oppressor6/15 Rooms unlocked
Our Imperial Flagship is where we hold the majority of our Role Play.