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Eternal Knights Covenant / Brotherhood of RuinationWe are a social guild that is open to a lot of content and having fun as a guild


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

October 27, 2019


Operations PvP Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling World Bosses Dailies Heroics Achievements

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30+, 15+ during prime time

Guild level


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Story Veteran

Guild description

We have over 14 percent xp buff, 6 percent something on command. We consider ourselves more a social guild that likes to pve, do conquests, we montly or random events for prizes (including outfit contests, find whomever hide and seek events on planets), some pvp not religiously like a lot of players are. We are open to things as a guild. New, old and return players are all welcome to join our ranks. We could especially use more tanks and healers though we have some you can never have too many of them. We like to do rotation of players in raids so if people arent really around its next person up mentality with no hinderance on getting gear other than mains or co-mains before alts. We are looking for like minded players who like to have fun without being jerks or elitists. We will help our own. People are also free to join even just for the xp or command boost it adds to our conquest points we are ok with it. As long as you dont cause problems in the guild we are ok with people. We are not in a single timezone nor are we in a single country either so we expect our guildies to be mindful and respectful of that. We do take alts so if you want to bring your alts as well they are welcome we have the room. We also let people bring their friends to the guild as we want people to be comfortable in the guild.

Guild requirements

no requirements

How to join

Whisper Ves'klar the guild leader or 1 of my council members Bulwarq, Tathalos, Emelee, Raibend, Riyokav, Gladiolus on pubside. EKC is the main guild so we are over there more often than impside. Though we do play impside its harder to track us down on impside.


Small yield planets for now because we are trying to expand our flagship and we cant do it if people are picking crafting components over flagship plans
Flagship: Tepes4/15 Rooms unlocked
The pub flagship is a bit dark designed for us. doesnt mean players have to be. We are expanding it fast so if you would like to join for that. that would be great