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Elite Swoop League / Extreme Swoop LeagueUnderworld diet of gambling, racing, partying, and more!


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

August 13, 2021


PST,GMT-9 / /Most active time 4pm - 7pm gmt-9


Roleplay Social/hanging out Dueling / Tournaments Open World PvP

Active Members

9+, 2+ during prime time

Guild description

We prioritize underworld events over all else! We welcome any and all into our events, which include Pazaak tournaments and racing events. Both of these events come with big prizes!
Our prizes are funded through community donations, and we respect those who donate by allowing them to have final say in how their donations are utilized.

Guild requirements

Participate in or help officiate in events that we run.

How to join

Characters from all guilds are welcome to join the events:

https://discord.gg/a9M4DDc29T for Pazaak tournaments.

https://discord.gg/4vxPCTnVuT for the swoop races and other racing events.

You may also mail any of these characters for help with the events:

Beautiful Darkness (primarily for the Pazaak tournaments)
Mahonical Harris (primarily for the swoop racing)

Whiskey Runaway (for both Pazaak and Swoop Racing)