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Fallen RageWe chill, we help and we roleplay.


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Last Updated

July 11, 2021


CET / /Most active time 8AM - 9PM CET


Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out

Active Members

5+, 3 during prime time

Guild level


Guild description

Fallen Rage is a starting roleplay guild accepting all kinds of players. We have a friendly community and make fun hanging out, talking, and enjoying the gameplay SWTOR has to offer. There is 0 pressure and no required events. You may enjoy SWTOR or be inactive for a while, and you won't be kicked. We love to have you in the guild! If interested please contact me via the stated links. Have fun! We also provide an experience and reputation boost, a flagship, and wide opportunities. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me! Have fun at SWTOR.

Guild requirements


How to join

Contact Its_Siemen#3959 on either discord or shoot 'Vortertil' a mail. Then we will discuss a time on which we invite you, and you could enjoy the services our guild has to offer. We do prefer a discord DM for easier contact, but mail also works fine.


We participate weekly on small yield planets BUT once we are able to fulfill the objective for a larger one we will do larger ones.
Flagship: Flagship: Fallen Rage4./15 Rooms unlocked
Our flagship is starting, but we are plotting to expand it quickly. We offer useable services.