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For the hotpocketsour focus is doing flashpoints together and having fun most of all.


Satele Shan





Last Updated

September 1, 2021




Flashpoints Leveling

Active Members

5+, 3 during prime time

Guild description

We may be a new guild yet we believe in playing the game together and having fun. Our focus is doing flashpoints together we are looking for more members to join our ranks in order to do more things and also to grow our hotpocket family! we run Hammer Station alot for gearing main characters and alt characters and for leveling as well it's fast and easy allowing us to focus on each other in discord voice chat more we just want to have fun get together do things together that's what For the hotpockets is all about we are very open to do more then just flashpoints together once we get more people if you are looking for a place to stay with layed back and cool people give For the hotpockets a chance!

Guild requirements

No real requirements to join anyone is welcome to join our ranks just be respectful and nice to others be open to talking to others as well so we will know that you are alive! and are readddy for a hotpocket man!!! yeaaaah!

How to join

In order to join just hit me up in game by my character name Bluegreatshield or anyone else in the guild. also i am on discord by Jeremiah#5517 I am always on discord if that is more easy for people.