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Grim DeterminationWe were once well known within the PvP world. You will hear our Voices once again!


Satele Shan



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December 27, 2019


CST / /Most active time 9pm cst


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10+, 5 during prime time

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Story Veteran

Guild description

<Grim Determination> is recruiting. We are one of the Oldest and Original guilds from BC. We are well known within the PvP world. We are back and we have started to rebuild from the ground up. I am opening up recruitment for all classes. Particularly active and reliable members will be promoted quickly. Leadership positions are available to motivated members who can meet my expectations. There will be a short trial period to determine compatibility.

We participate in Conquest, PvP, Pve. We currently do not RP, but Rpers are welcome. Who knows where you might take us. We are interested in everything End Game. We have a fully unlocked Guild ship and Rishi Stronghold. We are active in Discord so please have an working Mic. We do not tolerate Drama so leave that at the door.

Guild requirements

Bring a mic and the love of the game.

How to join

If interested whisper Slavish in-game. Feel free to check us out


Our guild participates in Conquest.
Flagship: Maelstrom15/15 Rooms unlocked
Fully unlocked flagship!