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Grinning Nébula / Grinning NebulaGuild where members get to be as social or anti-social as they please!


Star Forge


Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

October 27, 2019


CST,EST,CET,AUST,GMT+2 / /Most active time EST and EU peak both busy. Current base comes from a variety of different time zones and playtimes. Silent hours are surprisingly loud.


Operations Flashpoints Conquest Roleplay Social/hanging out Levelling Datacron Hunting Galactic Starfighter Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

100+, 12-26 during prime time

Guild level

9 Republic / 92 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild description

We consider it important that all aboard will always feel they can be as social or anti social as they please. Mostly recruiting those who mainly play SWTOR as a single player RPG but like the idea of seeing some green on their screen while at it. We might be lone wolves above all else, but that doesn't mean guildies would never do group content or events. - We do! In increasing amounts, actually. However, it is vital for us that those of us who skip every single guild event and never join groups get to feel guild is a home build with them in mind just as well. Nobody who truly wants to stick around will ever be removed for inactivity.

High yield conquest.
Core guild ranks are used to communicate to others how you enjoy playing the game.
Max perk slots.

Guild requirements

Just find an officer and have a couple of words with any of em!

How to join

/who Grinning Nebula and ask for an interview/invite.


High yield conquest. We chase the conquest point target. We'll never be chasing top-10 spots or trying to win planets.
Flagship: INS Grinning Nebula 15/15 Rooms unlocked
Completed and fully decorated.All perk slots always in use.