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Hive Nine18+ Heavy Imperial RP, character driven stories. New guild, seeking invested roleplayers!


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June 30, 2021


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Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Years of chaos have besieged the Empire. From its efforts to rebuild and grow more progressive, to the renewed war against the Republic, it seems ever a step away from either victory or total annihilation. Yet this ever-changing and dangerous landscape has provided the perfect opportunity for avaricious minds to use the Empire’s resources for their own aims, while the bulk of it is too focused on the war effort to notice.

A shadowy operation known as Hive Nine slithered out from the corpse of the old Sith Empire in the aftermath of the Zakuul invasion. Headed by two Anzati Sith, Darth Syrine and Darth Calamis, it is a conglomerate of scientists, researchers, and the combatants who protect them. Making heavy use of both Sith and Imperial forces as well as mercenary contracts, Hive Nine seeks to explore both the known and unknown reaches of the galaxy, recovering dangerous artifacts from shadowy locales in order to weaponize them.

Outwardly, this effort is for the benefit of the Empire, and a great deal of their research is in fact funneled to the Sphere of Scientific Advancement which funds them. Inwardly, those who delve too deep within the Hive’s motives are quick to learn there is far more than meets the eye within the collective which preaches the need for a cult-like assimilation of the bonds of family. To go against the Hive’s goals is to gain the deadly label of traitor, but for those who choose to pledge themselves, the reward is steadfast--if unconventional--allies and access to some of the most dangerous technology in the galaxy…

Guild requirements

Thank you for your interest in <Hive Nine>. We are a heavy RP Sith guild on Starforge (US). We define our RP style as being character driven and largely freeform, but with overarching plots and periodic events to tie things together.

If you aren’t sure your character would fit with us, feel free to ask! However, we have a need for most character types, so long as they fit into a Sith organization. This means we are recruiting Sith, researchers, scientists, doctors, Imperial soldiers, slaves, pilots, hired mercenaries and pirates--and pretty much anything else that can conceivably work for us IC.

The following character types are not a good fit for the guild, however:

Jedi who refuse to turn to the dark side
Extinct or unknown species (Rakata, Yuuzhan Vong, etc)
Darths with their own massive powerbases who refuse to defer to the Operational leadership
Characters who are seeking to build a 'guild within a guild', as in joining solely to recruit for a concept they are in control of (i.e. running a private mercenary company and poaching guild members into it rather than joining one of the official guild divisions, as a means to bypass normal rank progression)
Combative non-FS who refuse to accept Sith control
Characters devoted to an outside order who prioritize it over Hive Nine (such as loyalist Mandalorians, etc)
Characters under 18
Characters who exist purely to fill an open fetish (futas, lolis, etc)

How to join

We try to keep our recruitment process and trial period as streamlined and fun for everyone as possible. It consists of:

Step 1 - Application
We ask for you to complete a small OOC questionnaire and provide an IC description of your character. You can apply by joining our Discord server and posting the form below in our #applications channel.

Step 2 - Guild Invitation
Once your application has been approved, the next step is to post in the Read & Sign thread on our Enjin site.

Next, ask for an officer to invite you to the in-game guild in Discord. Once you've been invited, your two week trial period starts. During this time, we hope to evaluate whether you are a good fit for us IC and OOC (and vice versa--we know we aren’t the right fit for everyone and are seeking like-minded members).

Step 3 - Arrange Your First Guild RP Scene
Not to be confused with standard introductions or interviews, your intro scene is simply the first time you come to RP with the guild. For simplicity’s sake, we ask that most Sith or Imperial characters simply transfer into our operation and show up for work. This takes the pressure off of having to schedule forced initial interactions, and allows the RP to feel more natural and organic. We are willing to work out alternate scenarios depending on the type of character you’re joining with, but this is by far our preference.

Step 4 - Post Your Dossier
Every IC member of Hive NIne is required to have a dossier in the databank of our Enjin forum. While we do provide profile templates, the dossier can be in any form you wish, just so long as all your character’s basic information is easily accessible. If you have a Carrd profile, you can just make a thread for your character and provide the link if you wish.

Step 5 - Finish Your Trial Period
The trial period lasts for two weeks. After this time has passed, if you have posted a dossier, integrated with the guild IC, and there have been no conflicts of personality or RP style OOC, you will be promoted to full member. At this point, we also highly recommend you look into our Character Sheet system and create one for your character in order to get the most out of our guild events.

Once you’re ready to apply, simply join our Discord server and copy the following application into our #applications channel.


We regularly hit the conquest goal on high yield planets!
Flagship: The Nest15/15 Rooms unlocked