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Hive Nine18+ Heavy Imperial RP, character driven stories. New guild, seeking invested roleplayers!


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May 17, 2022


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10+, 5+ during prime time

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Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

The fate of the Empire hangs by a thread...

The honorable Darth Stosis has abandoned his war against HIVE NINE, a Sith operation with a shadowy history and a reputation for ruthless efficiency. After uniting his own fleet with that of the Hive's, Darth Stosis rules over the operation alongside the treacherous Anzat, Darth Syrine, while the mysterious Overlord, Darth Calamis, oversees their actions from the shadows.

Emboldened by the false security of their enhanced might, the newly-strengthened Hive Nine fights to expand the Empire's influence by any means necessary. It has begun carving a brutal swath of destruction through Republic space, enjoying a string of vicious successes only to be brought up short by the emergence of a terrifying new enemy.

Now, Darth Stosis and his allies race against time to stop the power-mad Jedi known as THE MESSENGER who hunts the Hive with relentless purpose, searching for the missing piece he needs to execute his masterplan: a terrifying vision of the future that could destroy the Empire, Republic, and even the galaxy as we know it...

Guild requirements

Thank you for your interest in <Hive Nine>. We are a heavy RP Sith guild on Starforge (US). We define our RP style as being character driven and largely freeform, but with overarching plots and periodic events to tie things together.

If you aren’t sure your character would fit with us, feel free to ask! However, we have a need for most character types, so long as they fit into a Sith organization. This means we are recruiting Sith, researchers, scientists, doctors, Imperial soldiers, slaves, pilots, etc--and pretty much anything else that can conceivably work for us IC.

The following character types are not a good fit for the guild, however:

Jedi who refuse to turn to the dark side
Extinct or unknown species (Rakata, Yuuzhan Vong, etc)
Darths with their own massive powerbases who refuse to defer to the Operational leadership
Combative non-FS who refuse to accept Sith control
Characters devoted to an outside order who prioritize it over Hive Nine (such as loyalist Mandalorians, etc)
Characters under 18
Characters who exist purely to fill an open fetish (futas, lolis, etc)

We are currently recruiting the following character types:

▫▫️▫️️ Sith of all ranks ^
▫▫️▫️️ Imperial Officers of all ranks ^
▫▫️▫️️ Scientists, Researchers, Sith Alchemists, Archaeologists, Sorcerers
▫️▫️▫️ Healers, Medics, Advisors, Slaves
▫️▫️▫️ Inquisitors, Security, Guards
▫️▫️▫️ Pilots, Tacticians, Soldiers
▫️▫️▫️ Most other Sith

How to join

We try to keep our recruitment process and trial period as streamlined and fun for everyone as possible. You can see full details here: https://hive-nine.guildtag.com/application/

Step 1 - Submitting Your Application
The first and most important step towards guild membership is completing and submitting your application (on Google Forms). All applications are sent directly to a staff review channel for consideration and are generally processed within 24 hours of submission. You will receive a DM from our Bot with a message advising you if your application has been successful with instructions for the next steps in the process.

Step 2 - Joining our Discord Server
All applicants and members are required to join our Discord server:

Once you've joined the server, please remember to change your Discord profile to reflect your character's name.

New arrivals to the server will have access to our basic information channels to begin, but if your application is successful, you'll be granted full Discord access as a trial member.

Step 3 - Posting Your Dossier
Every member of Hive Nine is required to have a dossier posted in the #character-profiles channel of our Discord server. A template is provided as a pin in the channel, but you can also link to more elaborate profiles elsewhere such as Carrd sites, Google Docs, or any other source if you'd prefer. What matters is that your character's name can be searched in Discord with an accompanying dossier, no matter how short or elaborate.

Step 4 - Guild Invitation
Once your application has been approved, you'll need to request an invitation to the in-game guild in Discord in the #request-guild-invite channel in our Discord server. Once you've been invited, your two week trial period begins. During this time, we hope to evaluate whether you are a good fit for us IC and OOC (and vice versa--we know we aren’t the right fit for everyone and are seeking like-minded members).

Step 5 - Arranging Your First Guild RP Scene
Your intro scene is simply the first time you come to RP with the guild. You can arrange your first scene by posting a message in the #rp-radar channel in our Discord server.

There is no requirement for your character to be 'inducted' into the guild by an officer through RP. Your first IC scene can be with any established character in the guild. For simplicity’s sake, we ask that most Sith or Imperial characters simply transfer into our operation ICly and show up for work. This removes the requirement of having to schedule initial interactions, and allows the RP to feel more natural and organic. We are willing to work out alternate scenarios depending on the type of character you’re joining with, but this is by far our preference.


We regularly hit the conquest goal on high yield planets!
Flagship: The Nest15/15 Rooms unlocked
Hive Nine boasts a large combat-ready fleet. Its vessels were initially inherited from Darth Syrine’s takeover of the former Wrath of Korriban, but a great deal more came from Darth Stosis' merging of assets. Its flagship is a Harrower-class dreadnought named 'The Nest'. The Nest has been outfitted with a great deal of creature comforts which appeal to the hedonistic inclinations of Syrine, since it was exclusively hers until very recently. However, it is also a fully-equipped military vessel with the substantial firepower to be expected of a pre-Zakuul Harrower, particularly since its weapons have been enhanced with Isotope-5. This makes The Nest one of the few remaining Isotope-enhanced Harrowers that were not wiped out in the war. The rest of the fleet is comprised of Delta-class carriers, Gage-class transports, and a single Terminus-class destroyer, along with a contingent of about 300 starfighters. While the bulk of the fleet travels with The Nest when it embarks upon missions, the Terminus-class destroyer remains deployed over its Taris base--codenamed The Vespiary--in order to ensure its continued defense.