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House of ExileA circle of Sylvi's friends who like to do group content together.


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Last Updated

June 22, 2019


PST / /Most active time 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM PST


Operations PvP Flashpoints Galactic Starfighter

Active Members

5+, 2-3 during prime time

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Story Veteran

Guild description

It's nice to have friends to do stuff with. Due to my schedule I can't commit to regular activities so whenever I am available to do something on SWTOR I send a bat signal to all my friends to do stuff together. Lately it has been Flashpoints for Ossus weekly, HM Queen for the blue crystal, and Galactic Star Fighter (I love GSF).

I host weekly casual GSF drop-in sessions. Fridays 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM EST. We do custom games such as bomber escort missions, king of the satellite, team/individual races, and random builds in general. join my Discord if this interest you.

I communicate primarily via Discord. It's a convenient means to gather friends to do content. Hit me up if you'd like to do something together or if you want me to put an event together.

Guild requirements

Be polite to each other, never rage, always try your best to keep cool. We just want to improve ourselves and make friends here.

How to join

Join me on adventures (Flashpoints, Operations, GSF) until we remember each other enough to call upon each other to group. Eventually you might ask for a guild invite or you can remain as a connection to call upon.