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House of ExileLooking for Tanks and DPS interested to join our 2nd HM raid team.


Star Forge





Last Updated

August 3, 2019


PST / /Most active time 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM PST


Operations PvP Flashpoints Galactic Starfighter

Active Members

12+, 10 during prime time

Operations Groups

Veteran Master

Guild description

This guild is intensely casual. That means we take what we want to do very seriously while adopting a relaxed and calm attitude. You have to want to put in daily consistent effort -we won't be managing you.

Raid admissions:
Our 1st NiM team that raids every night is filled.

Our 2nd team is filled and is in the process of trying out people.

We're happy to accept substitutes -though priority would be given to those referred by a friend

Raid team requirements: Discord voice comms; starparse; doing your homework (gearing yourself when able, reading up on mechanics ahead of time); playing every night (or at least most days of the week consistently).

General admissions:
Everyone in this guild has a role. You're expected to carve out one for yourself. I'll help fit you in where possible. You have to be proactive about grouping. It helps to play most days of the week/ every night.

If you're a passive player that does not proactively push others to do group content with you, you might not enjoy this guild.

GSF admissions:
Proactively group with others. Consider going against Drako and Co. a fun challenge. Strive to beat other top pilots as well.

PvP admissions:
Our regular PvPers are still on break. Similar fit applies: proactive about grouping, play most days of the week during consistent times.

Guild requirements

Be polite to each other, never rage, always try your best to keep cool. Always endeavour to improve ourselves and make friends. Help each other out. Comfortable communicating over voice.

How to join

Talk to Sylvi. We'll run a group content relevant to your interest to determine fit.