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Imperial Remnant <Imperial Remnant> is recruiting skilful individual to join what's left of the Sith Empire


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April 2, 2019





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100+, 25-30 during prime time

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Guild calendar

Guild description

Members of the Empire! Sith, Imperials, Citizens The <Imperial Remnant> on the Star Forge server, is recruiting skillful individual to join what's left of the Sith Empire . We seeks those who are interested in a heavy RP guild that has daily events , a fleshed out Master/Apprentice system, Sith RP Academy, Imperial Intelligence, Honor Guard, guild storylines. as well as a Military branch Sith and Military Academies as well a Mando Faction for those interested. Advance through the ranks as you attend guild events.

The guild is divided into different spheres and factions, there are many paths open for all types of RPers. We have a fleshed out progression system which you can keep track of your OOC and IC rank. We also have a fleshed out abilities list/system. Message me for any questions about the guild.

Guild requirements

Be active, Role Plays normally or if new willing to learn. As well as willing to join our discord server

How to join

If you have discord join this server https://discord.gg/98cHWGW and message Darth Malvrin.
Flagship: The Resurrector15/15 Rooms unlocked