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Imperium Immortalis
A separate Empire from the Reconstituted Sith Empire, we seek RP and importantly, fun!


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April 28, 2022


CST,EST / Most active time 4pm CST/5pm EST - 9pm CST/10pm EST


  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Roleplay
  • Social/hanging out
  • Heroics

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Guild Description

After the death of Emperor Sg’rios, his sorceress daughter and former Councilor, Prothaid met with the Necromancer Darth Nairi, Councilor of Ancient Knowledge. During their meeting, they discussed the ability of the newly anointed Emperor of their former Empire. In the end, the pair determined that becoming an ally of the original Empire — now the Reconstituted Sith Empire — would be more beneficial.

Maintaining the lie of their allegiance to the newly decided False Empire, the pair set out to communicate with the Reconstituted Sith Empire. It was Councilor Xarion that answered and agreed. In exchange for the right to build their own Academy and develop a small Council under Darth Xarion, part of their resources and their fledgling Sith would be sent to aid the Councilor in the renewed war effort against the Republic. In addition, the Reconstituted Empire would also have one Darth placed on the Council of this Imperium Immortalis.

With the agreement made, the Reconstituted Sith Empire Councilor decided to allow the pair of Sorceresses access and control of the Jospro sector, decreeing that all planets that fell within that sector would belong to the Imperium Immortalis, even if many of the planets present within the sector hadn’t even fully bowed to the Reconstituted Sith Empire.

The Sorceresses set out to begin building the Academy and the fortresses needed for a base of operations. Choosing the planet Ramsir, a planet not far from the Triellus Trade Route. Thanks to the Sith that chose to follow them with their own powerbases, the Imperium Immortalis grew quickly over the following months until it was ready to truly begin...

Guild Requirements

Please be of primary fun and RP mindset, willing to join discord, and looking for character progression!

How to Join

Seek out Prothaid, Nairi or Exiterra in game, or Zann#9504 and Gruntid#0008 on discord.


Every week, we choose conquests based on the activity of our members. The more you do, the more we'll do guild conquest!

Flagship: The Crucible

13/15 Rooms unlocked