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ISV Endeavour
Heavily focused on roleplay, storytelling and fairness between players.


Darth Malgus





Last Updated

May 23, 2023


GMT+2 / Most active time 7PM BST



Active Members

12+, Extremely varying. during prime time

Guild Description

ISV Endeavour is a crew-style and adventure focused guild. While the guild takes place within the Empire, we are not focused on the usual Sith politics and powerbase dynamics. Instead, our guild and our stories are focused on travelling into the unknown of the Star Wars universe to go where no one else ever has.

Our guild has been around for a good while now, and our events until now have ranged from exploring the depths of an ocean world inside of a submarine, to discovering a desert world brimming with spice and pirates.

Your character can be anyone, be it Sith, an engineer, a mercenary or otherwise. We do not restrict characters as long as they have a narrative reason and purpose to join.

We have a fully unlocked flagship of which is the guild's main base of operation, namely the "ISV Endeavour". Players are allowed to decorate their own private quarters on board, as we keep our guild intentionally small with only a number of 12 players allowed into the guild at any time.

Guild Requirements

You must be interested and willing to roleplay. We require that our members are an age of 18+ and are willing to communicate and cooperate with others within our guild.

How to Join

Recruitment Status: We are NOT recruiting. We are atm on an indefinite hiatus.

Flagship: ISV Endeavour

15/15 Rooms unlocked