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Knights of SokanHeavy-Roleplay guild focused on core lore and realistic Jedi progression


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Last Updated

January 7, 2021


EST / /Most active time 3pm - 12am


Roleplay Social/hanging out

Active Members

250++, 20-40 during prime time

Guild level


Guild calendar

Guild calendar

Guild description

Knights of Sokan is a realistic lightside Jedi roleplay guild. We pride ourselves in following core lore and building our Star Wars story in a fun, mature and unique matter. Progress from initiate to Council. Make lifelong friends that are like minded and have a common passion for Roleplay.

Guild requirements

In Knights of Sokan we require our members to be 17 we do not accept grey or dark Jedi, only purely light side in terms of role play. We do not allow Sith purebloods and red / black core saber crystals within our rp. In order to progress within the guild, we require all of our members fill out an application. Discord is not a requirement but highly encouraged.

How to join

We have recruiters online almost all the time, if you are interested, visiting our website and filling out the application is an option as well. We will make sure to contact you in game when the time comes.
Flagship: The Vigilant 15/15 Rooms unlocked