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Imperial Expansionary ForceMethodology is irrelevant, all who are willing to fight for the war effort are welcome


Satele Shan



Last Updated

May 27, 2019


all US as well as australian timzones as of now. / /Most active time Varies on day of the week. Most active on fridays and weekends.


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Active Members

12+, 7 during prime time

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Guild description

This guild is dedicated to being a haven for those looking for an RP guild that doesn't discriminate due to class. So long as you are able to follow the simple rules of participate, don't be a jerk, and have fun then I look forward to having you.

Guild requirements

Other than being active we have no real requirements. However while we have no qualms about having joke characters and outfits however please at least be presentable in official RP events.

How to join

Once you join the discord message me (the server owner) and I will grant you a rank and personally welcome you to the guild.


As of now we do not participate in conquests. As we grow however we will be more than happy to begin doing so.
Flagship: The Imparator7/15 Rooms unlocked
The nexus of our war effort. It is here we congregate and plan for our conquests in the name of the empire.