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Lethal SynergyNewly reformed 1.0 guild, looking for social adults, to help grow guild back to glory!!!


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December 16, 2020


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20+, 15 during prime time

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Guild description

<Lethal Synergy> was started way back in 2011 as just a small group of 5 friends, we turned <LS> into a premiere raiding guild on the old Prophecy of the Five server. We constantly competed for world first raid completions which some of we accomplished, most notably EC 16 master!!!! When SWTOR announced it was going f2p we all felt like Bioware didn't care about its current fan base playing the game, we decided to call it quits. After 6 years of not playing the original leadership of the guild was willing to give it a try, and to our surprise we are enjoying like we did back in the day!!!! That said, we are pleased to announce the return of Lethal Synergy to the SWTOR community!! We are currently starting fresh after server mergers and are looking for people who want to play the game in a very team oriented environment. Disord is our mains source of communication, events, raid schedules, etc are all planned in discord! We are a very social guild most of the community/guild sits in discord and talks with each other and that how we want our SWTOR guild to be! We look forward to welcoming people to the Lethal Synergy Community!!! See you all in game!!!

Guild requirements

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to join! Most guild memebers are working adults and have families!! Family comes first, gaming second! Discord is a must to join, as we mostly hangout on discord when playing and all planned content will be scheduled through discord. Hardly any of us read chat and most hate typing!!!

How to join

If <LS> sounds like something you'd be interested in, whisper me in game or send me mail! My IGN is Kõrgo or on discord at GingerNerd#0743! You can also contact Hitoma#9915 on discord if your looking for a invite! We look forward to hearing from you all!!!!!
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