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Lords of Sokan
Immersive, progression based Sith Empire RP guild, from Acolyte to Dark Lord.


Star Forge





Last Updated

May 3, 2022


EST / Most active time 5PM-12AM EST



Active Members

120+, 20-30 during prime time

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Guild Description

Lords of Sokan is an immersive, lore compliant guild that prides itself on providing an engaging roleplay experience within the Star Wars Universe. Since 2015, we have taken players from Acolyte to the Dark Council or Recruit to General, creating dynamic storylines and allowing writers to fully engage with Sith politics and power as well as providing a fantastic community of players across dozens of games and platforms. We take pride in being a lore compliant and realistic Sith Empire, but as well as being a part of a larger community we can interact with across SWTOR and other platforms.

Guild Requirements

Lords of Sokan is an 18+ guild and all new members must receive an approved application before engaging in RP. Your character may begin as an Acolyte and complete Sith training in a dynamic, lore-appropriate setting that will allow advancement to the highest levels of Imperial power. We also provide an Imperial Military unit known as Vanguard Regiment. These are soldiers handpicked by our Dark Lord, and they serve as a crucial component in imperial affairs.

How to Join

Please whisper anyone online with the Lords of Sokan guild tag and ask to speak to a recruiter or officer if you have any questions about joining! Alternatively, apply directly to our website and we will get you and invite there.


Our guild participates in small yield conquests, but we are ambitious enough to try for more.

Flagship: I.W.S Vengeance

15/15 Rooms unlocked
The I.W.S Vengeance is a Harrower Class Stealth Dreadnought. It is equipped with the an array of weapons and other technological compliments, and maned with a full crew. It is often seen in the Corbos System with a fleet around it.