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This is a semi Jedi RP guild with full Master/Padawan progression. filled with the sub classes of the Jedi order. I Foxsin wanted to create a RP guild like no other. Whether a new or seasoned player you are welcomed and your starting rank will be determined after an interview with myself and council members or online masters in a private channel. If your a new player you will start as youngling until and Knight/Master/Council Member picks you up as a Padawan. There are (preferred) crystal colors for your status (see crystal colors channel). no outfit restrictions. For role/rank progression please see the channel. After reading All info Channels any questions feel free to message me. You will have the opportunity to become any one of these sub classes Sentinel Guardian Sage/Sage Master Seeker and Battle Master. With the right culture we could start a guild that changes some RP stereotypes. All jedi types are welcomed. Welcome to the NEW ORDER SENTINALS. May The Force Be With You.