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July 19, 2024




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16+, 6 during prime time

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Guild Description

The nian'cor is a social rp guild, based around the idea of a travelling spa resort. The majority of RP is based on the guild ship, which we are unlocking as the guild grows. Many of our guild members also go dancing on fleet, and we encourage our members to be creative with their stories. We're looking to foster a friendly community with dance parties and other social events. We don't require a character application process and encourage players to collaborate with others to build and grow their character ideas.

We value our community members and enjoy spending time with each other. We encourage our members to branch out and interact with other members of the SWOTR community. We are open to new and old RP'ers and are happy to guide others through learning to rp and play the game. Feel free to message a guild member with any further questions.

Flagship for RP and summoning. PVP arena in Rishi with a viewing area for PVP gatherings and event based parties.

Guild Requirements

Message Jaidmari or an online member of nian'cor. Please confirm that you are over 18 and indicate whether you would like to particpate in RP as well. You will be invited to join the discord, but you can refuse if you wish as this is more a social aspect of the guild and not a requirement.


Our guild participates in medium yield conquests and has a high level of activity. We encourage and assist players in completing flash points, game events, world bosses and unlocking titles. We have several knowledgeable members and are accumulating items to help players to equip their toons.

Flagship: The Nian’cor

3/15 Rooms unlocked
A high end spa and resort complete with a cantina, VIP rooms, spa treatment rooms, a GTN, Bank, and Legacy Bay