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March 7, 2020


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82+, 20 during prime time

Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Novus Dominion is an 18+ Heavy RP-PvX Imperial guild. The central theme of the guild is story, building Role Play in a way that can be interactive, fun, and long lasting. The guild has a history, being formed from two previous Dominion's (Shadow Dominion & Sovereign Dominion), the same leadership has either directly influenced or had part in the direction of the Dominion since it's creation in 2014. However, the guild has roots all the way to the release of the game in The Sovereign Aeons. Novus Dominion hopes to revive the great story telling and expierence in the newly merged Star Forge server, having been long absent since the days of Ebon Hawk. Novus Dominion this time around, hopes to be deeply involved in building the entire community up, attending and hosting public events, and involving others to help stimulate and build RP for all.


Years ago, the Novus Dominion began its roots with the council members playing together in the guild Sovereign Aeons. Here expierence and training was practiced in the early days of the Cold War and eventual spread of the Great Galactic War, and the Makeb Hutt Crisis. Overlord Harbinger rose to power before the Revanites grew to full power, leading multiple campaigns in the name of the Empire. Forming Shadow Dominion, years of prosperity befell the new Dominion until the Zakuul invasion of their homeworld Ashas Ree. The Eternal Empire of Zakuul would ravage the galaxy for many years, causing the Dominion to fracture, and reform into the Sovereign Dominion, until finally it too fell. Now with the Zakuul threat seeming to be over, and the return of the Overlord and his Council, the Dominion will once more rise to bring glory to the Sith.

-What we seek-

Novus Dominion strives to be influential and beneficial to the sever by bringing an element of storytelling expierence not many guilds have. We seek RPiers who aren't afraid to build themselves up in character, developing their characters and bonds in and out of the guild. We seek Sith who aren't afraid to learn, but also teach. Imperial Soldiers who can follow orders, and give them when needed. Loyalty to the Dominion above all things, helping us build the guild from within, while building the Empire as a whole. People willing to go to events, follow instructions, and enjoy good old fashion dice roll combat. (With other fun events in between). The Novus Dominion is an open expierence for many to enjoy!

More info about branches and ranks: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=949110

Highly Committed Role Play, and Character Development

We here at Novus Dominion have expierence in GM'ing many events through the years in SWTOR. We base our main RP combat off dice using the in-game dice rolling function /roll. Through the next few months we aim to beta test how in-depth we wish our system to go, as we had an EXTREMELY in-depth RP system back in Shadow Dominion. Right now we are a basic D20 system with HP, and Combat Dye depending on in-guild rank. Dice will help us flesh out and decide conflict throughout the guild from the story, combat, and interactions in the world. (Think D&D style)

PvE (Flashpoints/Operations/Conquest)

The guild fully intends to partake in more than just RP in our spare time, we can't be strong individuals in the Empire if we can lose in fights! Thus, we aim to hold guild operation sessions once we have the manpower for them, and aid people in Flashpoints and more. We are also very helpful when it comes to aiding fellow members level up!

PvP (Open World, Warzones, Starfighter)

The guild is also not just one for talks, we intend to fight our way out of situations! Having the best gear is never a priority, but we do occasionally plan to run Warzone groups and team up in Starfighter! We also have experience in Open World PvP conflicts and plan to mix RP in them! We are not opposed to running PvP sub-groups (Elite Forces) within Branches. (NOTE: This is always prior to RP. RP is always the primary focus of the guild. Everything is after)

Galactic Conquest Community

We here at Novus Dominion along with our friends, allies, and enemies have built a unique player-ran, story driven community known as GALACTIC CONQUEST. This community is founded by Novus Dominion and several other well known RP guilds. This community has one mission: Bring together the greater RP community in cross-faction events and campaigns with lore supported activity through a fair and competitive combative system shared and planned cross-faction.

From the Mandalorian Warband Crisis, to the Battle of Salaica new campaigns and stories cross-faction and across multiple factions away alongside the main SWTOR story with fellow guilds and players! Adding an entire outward story that augments the guild story!

We have a fully functioning Discord which is not mandatory, but HIGHLY encouraged!

Guild requirements

Novus Dominion is 18+ for a reason. Adult oriented themes and mature content happens OOC and IC. We will not, nor ever allow anyone below the age of 18 in the guild. NSFW material, and other mature content happens in the guild RP and story that adds a layer of realism and story that could not otherwise be told. This is a warning to those that apply. We are NOT SFW, we are NOT easy to cope with. Things such as slavery, xenophobia, genocide, and other extreme content that is lore supporting happens and is RPied by PLAYERS and written into our stories.

That all being said we have a few expectations for our members to follow:
Communicate and interact in the guild. (Don't just join and go silent.)
Be a contributing member. (Help your fellow guild mate if possible)
Respect and be tolerable
Act as an adult (18+, means 18+. Mature content will happen)
Use common sense
And more

How to join

Recruitment is done in several parts: Application, In-Game Interview, Acceptance, and Character Sheets. The first step to joining the guild either from online or in game is to go to our website: https://novusdominion.enjin.com/ and fill out an application by clicking the Recruitment tab. Once applied, you will be spoken to by an officer, admin, or recruiter who will specify if your application is denied, or accepted. Once accepted, you must meet the officer in game for an interview. The interview is completely IC and is mainly to RP you into the guild. We are a Heavy RP guild before anything, so prepare to show us what you can do. Once you are in the guild, you will be brought into the guild in game, and your application will be approved.
Flagship: The Ashas Revenge11/15 Rooms unlocked