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Order of the ToasterIf you game on a toaster or a Mac (Wine gang), join the Order of the Toaster


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Last Updated

March 13, 2020


PST / /Most active time 6PM - 12AM PST


Flashpoints Social/hanging out Levelling Dailies Heroics

Active Members

1+, 1 during prime time

Guild description

Hi, I'm Zhaffa, Prime Scion of the guild Order of the Toaster. Order of the Toaster is a place for those who game on a toaster or Mac (Wine gang) to play alongside low-graphics companions and have some fun. PC gamers are welcome too, though we will all envy your graphics and frame rates.

I started playing this game again after five years and, upon logging into one of my alts, realized I had inherited a guild. Changed the guild name and now here we are!

This guild is a place to hang out and have fun, level, do flashpoints (can I do that on my Mac?), heroics, and maybe more hardcore content when we're all able to upgrade our toasters. But for now, toaster is life. This is the way.

Also, I am a behind-the-times millennial and don't use Discord (still expected to see Ventrilo/Teamspeak; remnant of my WoW days), but if someone would like to help set that up, I will give you some toast.

Guild requirements

If you game on a toaster or a Mac and are looking for like-minded (or similar-budget) friends, this is your spot! Also if you are a PC gamer and like toast, that is acceptable too. Even if you've just written the word "toast" or "toaster" on a piece of paper, that is enough.

How to join

Login to the game and whisper Eldaarin. It is an alt of mine but it's the character that inherited the guild.