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Phoenixes of Mand'alor


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Last Updated

June 8, 2024


CST / Most active time 6EST to 10EST



Guild Description

The year is 3622 BBY / 31 ATC. With war throughout the galaxy, and the number of those who would challenge Mand’alor rising, more warriors of Mand’alor must come together to aid her. Dar’manda – a blight upon the galaxy – believe that they can start coming out of the cracks and make lives for themselves. More insulting still, there are Mandalorians who choose to follow “Field Marshal” Heta Kol in her conquest to destroy Mand’alor.
The Phoenixes of Mand’alor cannot allow this to happen. Our goal is to bring more under the banner of Mand’alor to ensure that we will remain together as a people; a people who will stand against heretics and those that believe themselves greater than the word of Mand’alor. We will fight, grow, and strive to survive.

Guild Requirements

We're looking for Mandalorians who are interested in growing within an RP dedicated, quality over quantity, fun community.
If you already have an established Mandalorian, please inquire within so that we can know a little bit more about if you'd work within our community.
If you are not already established, and would like to start up, please feel free to inquire!

How to Join

Joining involves sending a message and submitting a background, joining the discord, and the guild in game.