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Primo VictoriaSmall tight-knit PvP guild.


Darth Malgus





Last Updated

June 22, 2021


GMT,CET,GMT+2 / /Most active time EU Primetime


PvP Ranked PvP Conquest Social/hanging out Open World PvP

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Guild description

We are an old school no nonsense guild originating from ToFN, currently rebuilding our ranks from the disaster that was 5.0. We are not open invite.

Our main focus is in PvP premading and having fun (sometimes a bit more seriously), but we might do some casual PvE at times. We have full guild bonuses, flagship not yet fully unlocked but we are getting closer to it everyday. Our guild bank will also nicely supplement your consumables in PvP.

Guild requirements

We are looking for active expierenced/returning players who primarily do PvP and are proficient at it, doesnt hurt to have guilty pleasures in other activities too. You dont have to be the best of your class and spec out there, but if you just hit endgame a month ago, we might not be the guild for you.

Discord required (No pressure to be on voice)

How to join

Easiest way to join is propably to contact us on Discord, after all its one of our requirements.

/who:ing us ingame might not always lead to an invite, as only officers can invite, for recruitment filtering purposes.


We do atleast medium yield conquest every week.
Flagship: The Eclipse6/15 Rooms unlocked