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Rëd Hoth Chili Peppers / We'll Always Have TarisA troll-free, clean chat, and fun community!


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

September 20, 2019


EST, PST / /Most active time 4-12 EST


Operations Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Levelling Dailies Heroics

Active Members

200+, 10-20 during prime time

Guild level

72 Republic / 17 Imperial

Operations Groups


Guild description

Formed in the summer of 2016, Red Hoth Chili Peppers (RHCP) and We'll Always Have Taris (PotO) were created to provide a safe haven for Star Wars the Old Republic players who prefer fun, casual gameplay free of the unmonitored environments of general chat and rated-R guilds. We have many couples and members with children who watch from laps or play along.

Our guilds are very active and continually growing. We host weekly ops and group event activities as well as Flashpoints, Uprisings, and Commander runs are ongoing and groups are always forming. We regularly reach medium and large yield objectives for conquest. Our officers are experienced, helpful, mature, and approachable teammates.

Guild requirements

RHCP and WAHT are family friendly, drama-free, safe, and clean-chat guilds. There is zero tolerance of profanity, discrimination, or harassment of any kind. Hate speech, religious discussions, political topics, begging, stealing, spamming, griefing, and general troll behavior are also strictly disallowed.

How to join

Please contact Fruppy on the Pub side, Fruppythehutt on the Imp side, or any Fruppy-type toon you can find! You can also search chili on the pub side or We'll on the imp side and whisper any member! If you prefer, you can contact me via Discord at fruppy#5203 or wagoalie on swtor.com!


Our guild usually hits conquest each week! We usually run large pub side and medium or large on the imp side!