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Remnant of RuusanAn RP guild focused on exploring and protecting the Ruusan system.


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April 1, 2020




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5+, 5 during prime time

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Born from the ashes of a fractured Order, the Remnant seeks to become a bastion for the preservation of old ways. With the Council disbanded, enclaves have emerged all over the Galaxy; the Remnant is one such group, erecting a temple on Ruusan. They do not seek to challenge the authority of the Council, but to hold the line, and continue training of future generations of Jedi, until the High Council is restored. Thanks to Republic support, Master Vina Coride has opened the Ruusan Enclave to the wider galaxy, dreaming of a bright, hopeful future. But ancient mysteries and new threats await...

OOC Information:

Remnant of Ruusan is a new, heavy RP guild looking for players of all sorts! We play as traditional Jedi, following the Code, and see ourselves as an extension of the Order, not a competitor. While the Master/Padawan experience is core to Jedi roleplay, our focus is not as an academy. Our focus is on narrative, not systematizing progression.

Although we are centered on one system In-Character, we will utilize plenty of zones outside of our Alderaan stronghold (retooled to be Ruusan). Operations phases, worlds, flashpoint phases, etc. are all going to be utilized, simply re-imagined and reused as locations on Ruusan or its many moons.

Guild requirements

A brief handful of questions and a relatively painless in-character interview.

How to join

Get in touch with me on Discord or in-game!
Flagship: Providence of Ossus11/15 Rooms unlocked
Currently-damaged Hammerhead cruiser.