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Restell Defense FleetNavy-centric heavy RP guild looking for officers, pilots, marines, freelancers, and Jedi.


Star Forge





Last Updated

June 22, 2020


EST / /Most active time 8pm-12am EST



Active Members

10+, 10 during prime time

Guild description

Restell Defense Fleet is a Republic Heavy RP guild on the Star Forge server. Our emphasis is primarily naval RP, though with the Republic in dire straits, freelancer and Jedi help is accepted.

We’re committed to building an immersive, adventure-focused experience on the fringe of Republic space. We run our guild events with a balanced, player-developed d20 system focused on skill specialization, progression and learning.

If your character is just starting their career in any fashion or are considered rather out of their depth, you may enjoy yourself here. Anyone planning to play high ranking officers (Captain or above) or extremely powerful Force users (e.g. we’re currently not accepting Jedi Masters) might have some difficulty adjusting to the climate.

Naval officers to staff our ship, The Stalwart
Starfighter pilots
Other ship staff
Jedi RPers looking for a less conventional 'frontier Jedi' experience
Privateers/smugglers looking to help the struggling, post-Zakuul Republic

To join or for more info, reach out to our GM Aefa Driiquar in-game or Driiquar#9679 on discord. You can also send a PM to this account with your Discord/in-game details and we will happily follow up!

Guild requirements

18+ preferred, no mandatory activity level. Just a desire to RP in our guild story and help us build our guild.

How to join

To join, please message Driiquar#9679 on Discord or PM Aefa Driiquar in-game
Flagship: The Stalwart