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Royalty / RøyaltyWhy pretend to be Royalty when you can be Royalty. Largest 18+ Clan Family on SWTOR


Star Forge




Republic & Imperial

Last Updated

May 13, 2022


PST,EST / /Most active time 1PM-12AM


Operations PvP Ranked PvP Flashpoints Conquest Social/hanging out Leveling Crafting Datacron Hunting World Bosses Dueling / Tournaments Galactic Starfighter Open World PvP Dailies Heroics Achievements

Active Members

8000+, 700 during prime time

Guild level

190 Republic / 215 Imperial

Operations Groups

Story Veteran Master

Guild description

Royalty Family [Star Forge]

Why pretend to be Royalty when you can be Royalty.
We are Royalty, Royalty being made up of 10 guilds. These guilds being Røyalty , Royalty, Ròyalty, Róyalty, Röyalty, Rôyalty, Rõyalty, Royàlty, Royâlty and Royälty. Together we are the Royalty Family. We are the Largest 18+ Clan Family on SWTOR, with over 8,000+ members across all our guilds! Our goal is simple to bring an active community to our members. Join Royalty today and become more!

What kind of guild are we?
We are an Activity guild first always but we are casual friendly conquest guild. But what does Activity guild mean? It means we strive to keep the guilds flowing with active members every single day. To ensure our members always have an active guild to come home to. We understand its a game but no one wants a dead guild. We are an 18+ Casual Friendly Activity Guild, NON-RP.

What we offer
- Active Discord Server with over 1,600+ members
- Active Voice Chats
- Custom Discord Invite Link ( 70+ Boost )
- Events/Giveaways
- Datacron Hunts/World Bosses
- Hard Mode Raid Team/Story Mode Raid Teams
- Unranked/Ranked PvP Teams
- Drunk/High Op Nights Weekly
- Partners with Villians and Rogues

Our Guilds
- Røyalty - Empire guild 950+ active members
- Ròyalty - Empire guild 950+ active members
- Röyalty - Empire guild 950+ active members
- Rõyalty - Empire guild 950+ active members
- Royâlty - Empire side 200+ active members
- Royalty - Republic guild 950+ active members
- Róyalty - Republic guild 950+ active members
- Rôyalty - Republic guild 950+ active members
- Royàlty - Republic guild 950+ active members
- Royälty - Republic guild 100+ active members

- No Conquest Point Requirement, we are an activity guild not a try hard conquest guild.
- Leader board Guilds
- Medium Yield Conquest
- Small Yield Conquest
- Bi Weekly Conquest leader board prizes for top 10 members in all our guilds ranging from 20million credits to 150million credits for 1st prize.

- 21d inactivity kick
- No Alt Limit
- You can always be invited back if you are removed for inactivity!

Guild Perks/Strongholds
- 15% Guild XP ability when available
- Fully Unlocked Guild Perks in all our guilds
- Crafting Perks in 1 guild on each side for our crafters
- Zeal set bonus when available
- Decorated Strongholds and ships in all our guilds

Message me on Discord for an Invite Divinity#0001 or type /cjoin Royalty to be added to the Royalty custom channel to talk to any of our active guild members to ask for an invite!

Guild requirements

Must be 18+
Play at least once every 21 days.
Discord is not required but it where we host operations/events/giveaways.
No Conquest Point Requirement like other guilds just have fun

How to join

To join any of our guilds just type /cjoin Royalty in game to join our joint guild chat between all our guilds and just ask for an invite to one of our guilds there!
You can also join our discord server and head to #need-invite to get an invite to one of our guilds!


We fight in Small and Medium Yield because we are a Casual Friendly Guild. We are not a try hard conquest guild but all our guilds are on the leader boards!