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Seventh Sky Corps / Seventh Sky CorpseSeventh Sky Corps, comprised of the most exquisitely dressed individuals.


Satele Shan




Republic & Imperial

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June 11, 2019




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45++, 10 during prime time

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Story Veteran

Guild description

At the Seventh Sky Corps, we believe that razor sharp glowstick wielders are simply peasants who have revolted. Come suppress them!

For those that don't know, the Seventh Sky Corps included the 212th Attack Battalion, Obi Wan's Clone unit.

As a guild, we put our members before numbers. We prefer an individual with personality and a sense of humour. As such we promote an environment mimicking a tight nit community over a mindless drone of workerbees. Come join this merry band of clinically insane misfits in uniform.

Guild requirements

Trooper and Scoundrels are preferred. Must be have a sense of humour and being social is encouraged and rewarded!
Being a Clone Wars fan gives you massive brownie points also but not necessary.

How to join

Mailing the attached characters or joining the discord are the best ways to enter the guild. We are very open about what type of guild we are, so feel free to chat to our ARC Troopers or Wàxer and get a feel for how we operate.


At the moment, our guild currently invades small yield planets with the goal to invade medium yield planets once we get some more troopers :P
Flagship: Seventh Sky Corps1/15 Rooms unlocked
Provides a GTN, all banking needs, mailbox, etc. HUB of the guild where we can meet if we require anything.
Flagship: Seventh Sky Corpse1/15 Rooms unlocked