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Shades of Pink
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Darth Malgus





Last Updated

March 15, 2022


GMT / Most active time 19:00 - 22:30 GMT/BST but sometimes 09:00-12:00 GMT/BST


  • Flashpoints
  • Conquest
  • Social/hanging out
  • Leveling
  • Datacron Hunting
  • World Bosses
  • Dailies
  • Heroics
  • Achievements

Active Members

5+, 2 during prime time

Guild Level


Guild Description

We're a new Casual guild looking to build are community. We're welcoming and like to do group activities. At the moment we are doing small group activities and look to build up to bigger group activities. We're based around Touch of Pink Fizzes streaming on Twitch who occasionally streams SWTOR. https://www.twitch.tv/touchofpinkfizz So you can find us there.
We also have a Rishi Stronghold which has PVP options.

Guild Requirements

No reequipments all levels and abilities are welcome.

How to Join

If you join the Discord and ask we can invite you to the guild. Alterity contact me on Twitter or email. Or contact any of member of the guild in game and we will invite you.


We are currently doing small yield. We amd trying Medium this week which I'm confident we will complete.

Flagship: Shades of Pink

1/15 Rooms unlocked
The Flagship is decorated and has all the essentials and some non essentials