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Sith ImperiumProviding a friendly environment where people can gather together as a community and RP!


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June 8, 2020


PST,CST,EST / /Most active time Primarily around on weekends. Major story arc RPs occur late-afternoon/evening on Weekends. Discord RP is always active and engaging (many dedicated Discord RP channels). Small RP on demand :D


Roleplay Social/hanging out

Active Members

~25+, ~10-15 in-game during prime time

Guild level


Operations Groups

Veteran Master

Guild rules

Guild rules

Guild description

Hello! The Sith Imperium is an Heavy Sith/Military/Civilian RP guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We're located on the Star Forge server, and have been around since launch in 2013. Our primary focus is character-driven RP with an over-arcing guild storyline. Host to a 6+ year community and is willing to help those who are new, providing Roleplayers a home, family, and a immersive Roleplay experience. Join today!

Guild requirements

Bring a positive, accepting attitude. Comply with guild rules.

How to join

Our process to joining is extremely simple. We do not require you to sign up on any website. We merely ask that you come with a good attitude and that you conform to the guild lore we've set in place. We welcome anyone with any level of RP experience. Whether you're a powerful Sith, a veteran soldier, a Mandalorian, or anything in between, we welcome you to the Sith Imperium. To join, all you need to do is send an in-game message to any of the officers posted above OR contact our guild-master on discord (Varrix#0001)
Flagship: Vindictiva's Triumph15/15 Rooms unlocked
It's pretty massive.. like, really. You may just have to join and see for yourself.